Watch out for these mistakes while selling your house during a pandemic


The spread of pandemic has affected almost every aspect of the modern lifestyle. The real estate industry is no exception in this regard, and the epidemic has caused a delay in both the buying and selling of property. The new normal, which has become a part of human life, has introduced several restrictions. The process of buying and selling property has changed. It is essential to get accustomed to the new normal and go about the buying-selling process smoothly.

Do not make these mistakes when showcasing your assets to buyers

• No provision for a virtual tour: the first and essential point that needs consideration is providing your buyer with a virtual tour of the property. Amid the pandemic, video tours of the property can play an integral role in the buying-selling process. Good quality photos and videos about the house can help you go about the process without a physical, virtual tour. A common mistake that a seller often makes is not providing a virtual tour of the property to the buyer. The importance of a virtual tour is that it allows the buyer to view the asset that they desire to buy.

• Open houses: there are a lot of troubles associated with open houses in the current situation. Strangers coming into your home and touching every part of the house increases the risk of spreading the infection. You must prohibit it as far as possible. In this case, you may use a virtual tour to provide the buyer with the house’s inner view.

• Staging the house: while selling a property,staging assets becomes an integral part. While demonstrating the home, you should take safety precautions for ensuring the safety of both sellers and buyers. Keep the bathrooms clean to enable the buyers to wash their hands when they come to your home. Ensure that there is proper lighting inside the room to minimize the touching of switches. You may provide a tray filled with sanitizers, masks, and even different types of gloves for ensuring safety.

• Ensures the pandemic etiquette: when you greet your buyers inside your property, try to use masks all the time. Though it may cover your smile, it is essential for protecting you from the infection. The fact that you give importance to safety precautions can create a positive impression on your buyer. Keep a minimum of three feet distance from the guests and also refrain from any physical contact.

• Disinfecting the property: if you do not disinfect the house before and after the buyers’ visit, it may increase the risk of spreading thevirus. Try to pay close attention to surfaces the visitors touch, including door frames, switches, handles, and knobs.

Thus, it would help if you avoid these mistakes while greeting buyers inside your property. It includes virtual appraisals, face-to-face video conferences, avoiding any physical contact, and the like. Therefore you may get in touch with Austin real estate investments for good deals even during a pandemic. You can follow these precautions and appropriately stage your property so that the buyer prospect can purchase it in a hassle-free manner.