Unleashing your creativity and finding inspiration is a very important subject not many people talk about but should. Creativity, as we all know is the ability to use one’s imagination to come up with an outstanding piece regardless of the industry. It could be for a piece of art, how to go about a job/project in the best fashion or simply on what to write about. Inspiration, on the other hand, is an insight into what could be, an elevated stimulating influence. Inspiration empowers creativity and vice versa.

Regardless of what you might have been made to believe that Creativity comes only to a selected few, I am here to tell you otherwise. Being creative is an Art, and finding inspiration is a lifestyle. While some are truly born with this gift, anyone can still be creative, and be inspired to do whatsoever they desire.

The need for Inspiration and creativity cuts across various divides. However, in this article, I will be focusing on how you can unleash your creativity and get inspiration in just about any field of study. So, here is 6 step by step guide to help you be creative and be inspired.

Be strongly aware

I am sure you have seen in movies where the actors are portrayed as knowing where every single person is standing in a room and what they look like. Especially in these 007 types of film today. While that might be far from reality, being strongly aware of both yourself and your surrounding is one of the ways you did be able to get inspired and be creative. By taking notice of the little things in your surrounding both at the office, in the street and at home, you open your mind to limitless possibilities for both creativity and inspiration. That’s not all; some of us miss inspiration because we weren’t attentive enough. This is why you have to be strongly aware both in and out.


Curiosity is defined as an eagerness to discover or uncover. Am sure you already know this. But what you might not know is that this brings a wave of creativity unlike any other. The questions like what could and what if are the drive to this system. If you are curious enough, you did discover what pros spend years learning in no more than a few days of dedication. As Ken Robinson said, the future belongs to the curious, and it’s all about creativity and inspiration.

Your Imagination

This is today thought to children. However, most adults have forgotten how to imagine. You see, imagination is the foundation of everything built. If you can’t see it, you certainly can’t achieve it. Sometimes, letting your mind run wild to the far and beyond is the perfect way to trigger creativity and gain inspiration. We have all got the power to imagine. But like a muscle, you have to exercise it otherwise, what’s the point of having it.

Have some fun

Am sure you are surprised that this is here. Like, how does having fun give inspiration or help creativity? Well, the thing is, inspiration is all around us. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. The reason you might not be getting inspiration to complete that book, novel, or project is probably because you are trying too hard. Don’t beat yourself over ideas; it will come when you least expect. So you just have to let it. To do that, have a nice time with your teammates, take a trip, talk about the weather but never the less, stay vigilant for when it pops up.

Be yourself

You cannot fake or force inspiration, let alone creativity. It comes when it comes. This is why you have to be yourself at all time. You have got nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. This is why it is essential always to be yourself. In the long run, you will find that inspiration and creativity come from within.

Be patient

Patience is a virtue, they say. You have to remember that we are on a journey of life and it is one which only the creator knows the beginning and the end. Even if you were the richest man in the world, you could not build a house in a day. The same principle applies when you desire to unleash your creativity and find inspiration. It’s a process, and it takes time. Don’t go saying our guide doesn’t work… being creative is a process, and it takes time. Wait for it while being aware, it will surely come.

Final thought

Once you become actively aware, start being curious and utilize your mind’s eye. Then, sit and watch your creativity and inspiration level grow into leaps and bounds. some people can use a bit of creativity and inspiration here and there. Scratch that, everyone can use a lot of inspiration and creativity no matter the industry they are in.

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