Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost the Growth of Your Start-Up


The priority set by businesses on digital marketing is increasing with every single day as conventional marketing is increasingly becoming outdated.

Marketers of today believe that trade has transformed more in just the past two years than in the past fifty years. Digital marketing techniques can potentially offer an edge to companies, especially start-ups, which can leverage this kind of approach for catapulting themselves to a better place.

Start-ups have to select the best strategies simply due to their clear lack of resources as well as little to no marketing mastery. Through this article, we are going to give your start-up a list of a few of the most promising digital marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

A digital marketing company may easily assume that marketing with the help of emails has become repetitive. However, it is not even close to dead, providing impeccable ROI for marketers.

In a new survey, it was established that email marketing has a remarkable ROI of 122%. This number is four times greater than any of the other marketing channels in the study, such as paid search, social media, or direct mail.

This happens to be a gem of a strategy that clearly is underrated. The basic ingredients of a crisp email lie in interesting subject lines, engaging language, averting jargon, and using bullets while optimizing emails for mobile phones. Brands that harness the real capacity of email marketing is eventually sure to reap the results.

Social Media Marketing

This stands as one of the noticeable options because the significance of social media has been greatly asserted. Social media marketing is forecasted to flourish from around $32 billion to $48 billion from 2017 to 2021. Almost 90 percent of businesses have confirmed the emphasis of this strategy on them, with 89 percent agreeing that their initiatives on social media have brought benefits directly to their companies.

Although it is obvious that sales are increased, social media marketing can also increase traffic. Along with this, it also helps to establish leadership through thought, consumer loyalty, as well as search ranking.

Evaluating all these benefits, it is advised to select the correct digital marketing company in India with regard to your target audiences. The users of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram along other channels attract different consumers.

Therefore, it is crucial to realize the personas as well as patterns of the audience while matching it with favorable social media outlets.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube stands in the second position for the most popular search engines across the globe. There exist 265,000,000+ active users only on YouTube India. This is the reason several brands use this medium to reach out to the target audience.

However, start-ups do not consider it to be a part of their marketing strategy, although you can gain incredible outcomes for your start-up.

YouTube is become so popular for uploading short videos and doing promotions for all brands. You can upload videos where you can do advertising of new product releases which spark your viewer’s interest. Create a great YouTube Thumbnail and Intro video for your channel, which will help you capture the interest of your viewers and entice them to watch the entire video.

To add a creative touch to your Intro/outro video, use online video editing tools like Fiilmorago, Wevideo& more or you can also download the apps like free intro maker, Inshot, and youtube outro maker from Google play store or Apple app store.

Brands like Flipkart, Asian Paints, Hyundai, and Pepsi, among others, have grown through YouTube Marketing.

Viral Marketing

Let’s say you wish to draw in massive Hybrid Traffic and sales while creating online discussion about your business. Then there is nothing better than the viral marketing strategy.

It is possible to get success overnight with the help of viral marketing if you are able to build content that has the potential to go viral.

You have to publish content such as articles and explainer videos from a different angle and must have a powerful marketing plan for promoting it.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is probably the most important marketing strategy, which start-ups must take notice of. It is a strategy that includes the creation, publication, as well as distribution of favorable and useful content to the target audience.

This might be in the form of articles, posters, blogs, videos, jingles, or a variety of other productive forms of content in which the prime aim is to engage audiences.

The global content marketing income in 2017 stood at $32.1 billion, which saw 90% of B2C companies and 88% of B2B companies depending on content marketing.

This technique is an addition to the credibility as well as the authority of a firm while enabling long-term connections with audiences.

Along with elevating brand awareness, thought leadership moves critical thinking in the viewers or readers, which engages consumers.

Although it benefits a business’ SEO and SMO endeavours, start-ups should also understand that this strategy cannot provide instant results. Results rise steadily while helping to incur long-lasting benefits.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC or Google AdWords is the strategy involving the usage of search engine advertising for attracting visitors to the website of a company.

This helps in generating sales-ready leads. The various pragmatic advantages offered by PPC include the ease of obtaining consumers at the right time through the usage of desirable ad words resulting in high ROIs because the expense is calculated on a per-click basis.

This allows transparency as well as clarity on the cost of marketing with minimal expectations for results. An added advantage is that significant data and insights may be attained with the help of analytical tools, which can assist in strengthening other strategies of marketing.

Nevertheless, PPC might have the inclination to deplete budgets very quickly in case more clicks get generated in relation to fewer conversions. Therefore, it is key to plan successful campaigns with the ideal digital marketing services in Mumbai to shift the scales towards conversions where the expenses of clicks do not get wasted.


There is an intense competition between start-ups to risk their claim into the world of business, making it important to utilize the most favorable digital marketing strategies. Some strategies might have a greater chance for an experiment, while others need the tiniest room for mistakes in terms of expense.