Plumber Insurance: How Important is it for Your Business


Plumbers play a very important role in our lives – getting us out of messy situations. A plumber is a person you always call when you are faced with blocked sewer, a backflow or clogged drainage. But what happens when things go wrong with a plumber?

Understanding plumbing insurance

Plumbing insurance is a special type of business insurance designed to cater to the unique needs of plumbers. Like any type of business insurance, therefore plumber insurance matches and also mixes various forms of insurance covers to suit the needs of your plumbing business.

Plumber insurance plans are highly customized depending on different plumbing business niche and also sizes. Below are common components of business insurance:-

Plumbers public liability insurance – This is a type of cover that caters for the cost of damages and also legal representation in case you are sued by a third party.

•Commercial vehicle insurance – it’s an insurance cover for your company’s vehicles.

Worker’s compensation – this is an insurance policy that caters to the medical costs of your employees the case they are injured at work.

•Business income insurance – It covers for income lost due to an insured asset for up to one year.

Important things that every plumber needs to know about insurance

Plumbers just like any other business people need to understand the role that insurance companies play in their businesses. There are some plumbers who take insurance matters lightly only to come and also regret later.

There are certain things that every plumber needs to know about insurance. The first one is to understand what plumbing insurance is.

What does plumber insurance cover?

Plumber insurance covers several things depending on the plan that you have taken. However, insurance companies offer different types of plans – from a standard policy pan to a comprehensive insurance cover.

It’s always the plumber who decides what insurance plan best suits them. Do not take a cover similarly that will not cover your business effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the insurance plans.

General liability insurance – It is an insurance plan that protects against any standard lawsuits as well as financial difficulties that your business may run into.

Business owner’s policy – This insurance plan protects your property including buildings and also equipment.

Commercial auto insurance – This is insurance so plan that covers vehicles that ferry employees and also equipment job sites.

Who qualifies for plumber insurance?

Plumber insurance is not confined to plumbing and also plumbing contractors only. It can also be bought by anybody who deals with building, remodeling, and also pipe fitting among others.

How much does plumber insurance cost?

There are several factors that determine the cost of your insurance plan. For instance, you will have to find out the needs of your business, the history of your company (businesses with a clean history often get a cheaper price tag), the size of your business, how many vehicles you want to insure (if any) and also the location of your business.

Reasons why you should get plumber insurance

There are many reasons as to why you should take insurance for your business.

Public liability

This is one of the most important reasons to get insurance covers. As a plumber, you will require public liability insurance to protect you and also your business against legal suits from third parties or clients

Financial security

This is also another good reason for having an insurance cover for your plumber business. There are insurance covers that guard your business similarly against bankruptcy.

Peace of mind

There’s nothing that gives business people all major threats facing their businesses.

In addition general, plumber insurance is specifically designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by plumbers. There are various instances where plumbers have to deal with certain challenges such as lawsuits from third parties (clients) or members of the public. You will be at risk of running your business and also down the drains if you fail to get a plumber insurance cover. It’s often said that prevention is better than cure.


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