Coronavirus: How It Is Affecting the Politicians and Economies All Over the World


Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK gets oxygen support in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as his symptoms worsen while fighting with COVID-19 infection Economies. Even though Johnson is not on a ventilator. The US and also several other countries continue to wrestle with the destructive epidemic of Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 virus has already claimed the lives of over 10,500 individuals in the US almost 50 percent of them in New York. According to Andrew M. Cuomo (D), the daily fatality toll dipped below 600 for two days in succession, thus hinting at a probable evening out of the curve.

Even though the situation in the UK is grave; the PM falling prey to the Coronavirus, there is some good news from China economies. There are no new incidents of corona deaths in the country for the very first time since January 2020.

Johnson receives excellent care

The UK Prime Minister was moved to the ICU based on the team. Sources say that Johnson is under safe hands and also receiving outstanding care.

According to Buckingham Palace, the Queen is being updated about the health condition of Johnson.

According to Chris Mason, a BBC political reporter, Boris Johnson was provided oxygen late this Monday afternoon, before transferring him to the ICU.

Medical Supervision Team

The British PM is under the expert medical supervision of a team of doctors at St. Thomas Hospital, London, after he complained of repeated Coronavirus symptoms.

Let us look at some of the latest and essential development concerning Corona:

  • Do not have adequate masks, tests, ventilators, face shields, and even support staff. The US President Trump shunned the results and Human Services. Belittling the report as politically motivated.
  • Currently, the British PM in under oxygen support; however, Gove, the Cabinet Office Minister cited that the UK government. Would come up with a formal statement once Johnson’s condition improves.
  • Italy declared 3,599 new incidents of COVID-19 infection this Monday, the country’s least daily boost in about three weeks.
  • China declared 32 new Coronavirus cases; all of these imported, however, no fatalities for the very first time since January.
  • Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), who is the House Speaker, told fellow Democratic lawmakers. This Monday that the subsequent COVOD-19 relief bill can go past a whopping $1 trillion as far as costs are concerned. The White House and Congressional leaders are coming together on the requirement for a new financial aid package.  

The pandemic is affecting the rich and poor across the continent and from politicians. To corporate houses, all facing severe crisis economies. We hope that together we will be able to overcome this challenging time and also the global economy will recover gradually.