Key to success

Success is defined simply as the accomplishment of a set goal or task. But what is success to you? Many define success as the accumulation of wealth, others as acquiring connections, power or making an impact in the world.

No matter what it is, they are all perfectly valid. The thing is, no matter the definition of success, it doesn’t come by easily. Success in life is dependent on diverse factor. Not that I’m saying I know them all, but follow this guide and you see yourself on your way up the ladder of success. Here are 10 success hacks and tips practiced by some of the most successful people in the world today.

Do What You Love

Like I mentioned in one of my earlier article practices that can make you happy and enjoy life more, you can never be better in anything else than in what you love. Generally, you experience a form of adrenaline whenever you are actively engaged, which pushes you to be a better version of yourself every day. It won’t be because you see yourself in a competition but because you love what you do. I believe this is what the media mogul’ Oprah Winfrey was referring to when she said “you are on the part to success if you would still do your job if you aren’t paid to do so” this is a secret that has worked for her and one that can also help you in your road to success.

Learn How To Manage Life

Contrary to the above, once many define their success and start the chase, they sometimes lose track of other things in life. For a businessperson who loves his craft and stays into the night at the office to ensure perfection, he might end losing is family which might end up messing with his psychology and eventually ruin his business. Learning how to bring a balance between what you do and every other thing life has to offer is another route to success.

No wonder Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike Inc, stated that “There is an unchallengeable conflict in life, at work and in business. A constant battle which rages between peace and chaos. Neither can be mastered, but both can be influenced”.

Face Failure Head-On

The fear of failure has ensured many businesses never left the comfort of the mind, and some never got back up after the first few rounds. The founder of Ford motors stated that “failure is simply an opportunity to start again, only this time with more intelligence”. When things like this are mentioned, popular stories of people like Thomas Edison comes to mind, as he was said to have failed in making the light bulb over a thousand times before he succeeded. Failure is nothing more than an avenue to learn. If you know this and believe it, it are certainly on your way to success.

Have An Unwavering Resolution To Succeed

It’s a very easy and common practice for people to shift career once they have failed in one. The thing is, if you keep running from one business to another, one job to another because you have failed at the previous one, then no matter what you do, you might never be a success in life. Look at the lives of everyone who have made an impact today. You think they haven’t failed at least once or twice. Trust me, they have. Today, look in the mirror and make an unwavering commitment to yourself that you will get that shit done no matter what.

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Take Action

Things are always easier said than done. You can read all the motivational books on the internet, but you have to understand that without action, nothing can work. Do not sit back and let things happen to you. Like Leonardo da Vinci once said, go out and make things happen. That million-dollar idea of yours isn’t going to bring itself to fruition. Make the resolve and make some moves. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and success is only for those who take actions.

Introduce New Ideas

Famous Author Mark Twain stated that a person with a new idea is likened to a crank. Speaking from personal experience, most people will never believe in your idea until it comes to reality. These include your loved ones. It’s sad, but it is true. However, do not let this stop you in any way. If you have a new idea, the only people you have to listen to are those who have tried your idea before. Practice this in any field, and you will be on your way to success. Worst case is, you learn.

Have A Vivid Picture Of Your Success

No one achieves anything by chance. Every success story ever told wasn’t luck or miracle. It was simply people who had a dream, painted a vivid picture of it and followed it. Walt Disney was a man who envisioned is life and today even after his death, the world still remembers his creation. “if you can dream it you can achieve it” was one of his famous quotes. Paint a vivid picture of your success as you take actions, and in no time, you will be there.


Seek Knowledge

In 7 tips to help you become more ambitious, I talked about the importance of focusing on knowledge. You see, men like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, warren buffet and the rest of the most accomplished men in the world today are men who sort out knowledge. Doing what you love can only get you so far. One has to actively seek out knowledge in their respective field in other to be a success in it. Like I mentioned earlier, what you know is what makes you unique. So in other to be a success in any field, you have to actively seek out knowledge. After all, knowledge is power.

Avoid Conflict

Said by the 26th president of America Theodore Roosevelt “one of the most important elements in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”. Successful people aren’t those who stair up commotions everywhere they go. They are people who value connection. This isn’t just a key to good leadership; it is a key to success.

Follow Intuition

Many at times people have neglected their intuition and followed the advice of people. The result isn’t always lovely. The mind is programmed to help you process and majority of time it is always right. You need the courage to follow your intuition wherever it leads you.

Final Thought

While there are various definition and routes to success, the 10 in this list are the top 10 and most used in the road to success. Follow this guide, and I will welcome your testimony on the comment section. Either way, tell us what you think.