Finding the right fit wedding band made easy

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Choosing the wedding band requires a lot of thought, planning, and searching. There are several posts all over the internet that gives its readers a basic idea about the types of bands available as well as for the choice of the metal.

The following post is all about the fit and shapes available at Mensweddingbands that you should keep in mind while making your purchase. Without the right fit, you might end up losing your band while performing the daily chores you will have a constant worry trying to maintain and safeguard your precious possession.

So, here are the key tips that you need to keep in mind.

The fit

First up is the fit of the wedding band. There are two major types of wedding band fit that are available. The Standard Fit and the Comfort Fit.


This, as the name suggests, is the more common one and, most of the wedding bands are under this category. Here the bands are flat on the inside, which means the ring won’t conform to the shape of the wearer’s finger.

Comfort Fit

Comfort fit is more about crafting a ring according to specific and accurate measurements of the wearer’s finger. This type of wedding band provides a natural and comfortable feel to the wearer since they are rounded on the inside.

The trick is to try both the variations and then make a decision regarding the wearability. It is vital to understand that not everyone will notice any difference between the two. It is completely dependent on the shape of your finger, so there is no one-size-fits-all rule here

The profile

Next up is the profile or the shape of the ring. In the previous section, we were discussing the inside of the ring, but the band profile is all about the shape of the ring on the outside. Keep in mind that there are several words to describe the same profile so it might get confusing. So it is vital to understand the types before making a purchase.

Domed shape

Usually a high dome shape is preferred by men. This type of profile looks like a D and it is the more common classic profile. This traditional look is best for men with thick fingers and works well with any situation. Keep in mind that due to the profile of the ring it will rise up from the finger of the wearer.

Flat shape

Contrary to the domed profile there is the flat ring. This type of wedding band has a minimal and modern look to it. If you are looking for contemporary styles then this is the perfect option for you. Younger guys tend to go for the flat profile.

There are several other choices in-between the spectrum of the domed and the flat. If you are looking for a middle ground then you can look into the barely curved or a slightly flat ring. These rings combine the best of both worlds and makes for a great investment for years to come.

It is vital to understand that men’s wedding bands are not an afterthought. There are several styles, types, and options available to you. So, shop around to find the right style and fit because wedding bands just like the vows are for life.