Best Tools to Improve Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

Best Tools
Best Tools

Marketing is the most crucial aspect for every business because it is the first interaction with the customer. And it is undoubtedly that first impression is the last impression for everyone. Hence the marketing leaders need to design an effective marketing strategy that will lure the customer.

Managing the marketing department is not a cakewalk for marketers because they have multiple tasks to achieve. There are various advanced tools available in the market that simplify and optimize the marketing campaigns for your business. In this blog, let us dive deep into top tools that help the marketing teams to enrich their approach.

CRM tools:

The best tool that any marketing professional can implement in their process is the CRM software in India. Because this tool is a robust tool for marketers to run omnichannel marketing campaigns. Moreover, this software will help the marketing teams to gather all the leads from various channels and store them on a central server. The best CRM software in India will help the business owners to design, execute and evaluate all the marketing campaigns. CRM software is a perfect tool for business owners to gather leads, nurture leads, and filter them to find the right prospect.

Automated email marketing tools:

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to engage the user and interact with them. It is a very tedious task to manually because you will not be able to send that many emails. The best CRM software in India will have automated drip email campaign tools to send emails within a few clicks. Automated email marketing tools will help the marketing team to design interactive marketing campaigns, execute them, gather the results and evaluate them. As a result, the CRM solution with email marketing tools will help to gather more high-quality leads that have a higher conversion rate. 

Marketing automation tools:

Automation is embraced by every vertical and department of every business and industry. The best CRM software will integrate automation into the system to automate most of the tedious and repetitive marketing tasks. As a result, your marketing team can focus on a more valuable task like lead nurturing or customer interaction. CRM marketing automation tools will help to gather better leads in higher quantities to have better conversion. Hence, marketing automation tools are one of the essential technologies that every marketer needs to invest in Get more at windows 7 download

Social CRM:

Social media is changing the dynamics of every aspect of human life and businesses need to make the most of it. The top CRM software in India will integrate advanced tools in the system to track the social media and digital footprints of the customer. As a result, it will be easier for your marketing team to understand the preferences and likes of the customer. They can design personalized marketing campaigns as per the client’s preference to increase the conversion rate. Moreover, the best tools will help to run omnichannel social media marketing campaigns and collect the data from all the platforms.

Data analytics:

Data plays a crucial for every marketer and they need to make the most out of it. Traditional ways to process data are inefficient and there are higher chances of making mistakes. The best CRM tools will embed advanced tools like data analytics into the system. As a result, you will be able to make the most out of your data to spot the challenges in your process. Data analytics will help to evaluate the data stored in the system to get valuable insights from your database. The data analytics tool will help marketers to make strategic decisions that are data-driven which will yield better results.


Every marketer must embrace technology in their process to make the most out of their resources. The best CRM tools are the most essential requirement for any marketer in 2022. Technology Counter is a tech recommendation platform that will help marketers to choose the right marketing tools.