Factors that matter most when choosing an assisted living facility


Seniors and their families who are looking for assisted living communities face an overwhelming process because the task is far from easy. When considering the available options, in house Adjustable beds are one of them, you must concentrate on the quality of living in communities to ensure individual care or more precise person-centred care. How comfortable your loved ones feel in being part of the community depends mainly on how much the community focuses on their individual the care needs to ensure an improved quality of life.

In this article, we will discuss the factors to consider for ensuring the best care for your loved ones.

Care from empathetic staff

The quality of care that you can expect at the assisted living facility depends on the relationships between the residents and staff members. So if the staff keeps changing frequently, there is a lower chance of developing relationships between caregivers and the residents. When a community retains staff members for long, it helps them to understand the needs of residents better. It builds a stronger bond with them by supporting them in the best possible way. Choosing an assisted living community with low staff turnover should help to achieve the goal of building relationships that go a long way in proper caring of the community members.

Incidents of hospitalization

No one loves to stay in hospitals now and then, and the fewer are the hospital trips for your loved ones in an assisted living facility, the better it is.  Frequent hospital trips are disruptive, therefore, if repeated at short intervals, can turnout traumatic that negatively affects a senior citizen’s emotional and physical well-being. Unnecessary hospital visits cut down the risks of contracting infections and developing other health complications. It also prevents issues arising from communication gaps and misinformation between the hospital and the assisted living facility about the kind of care provided to the elder. Gather as much information as you can about this aspect when you visit the facility before deciding about it.

Use of antipsychotics for dementia

Assisted living facilities like Platinum Communities to offer dementia care for their community members, So, you must probe about the use of antipsychotics for their treatment in the facility.   Antipsychotic medications help in managing certain behaviours of those living with dementia who might go through delusions and hallucinations. However, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) does not approve the use of antipsychotics for managing such conditions. Studies show that the use of antipsychotics can increase the incidents of falls and fractures that lead to hospitalization. Check if the facility uses other means of managing challenging behaviours rather than using prohibited medications.

Residents Satisfaction

Talk to the current residents of the community as well as those who had been associated with it earlier. You will get to understand how satisfied they are with the facility.  The level of satisfaction is a clear indicator of how much suitable it will be for your loved ones. 

Besides looking for signs to understand how right the place will be for your loved ones, hearing from the residents will give you a better understanding as you can ask questions to gain clarity.