Gary Saitowitz: The best seven blogs to help you in your entrepreneurial journey

Gary Saitowitz

Gary Saitowitz says there’s no set formula to get entrepreneurship correct! Each entrepreneur or blogger has his/her journey and needs to stay committed to it. It’s essential to stay driven and motivated to make the best decisions. Other than market research, careful planning, and brand positioning, entrepreneurs also need to remain open to useful resources.

The following blogs can help entrepreneurs in shaping their journey better.

Seth Godin’s Blog

Do you want small doses of motivation? If yes, then Seth Godin’s blog will do complete justice. Seth Godin is a best-selling author and a famous entrepreneur who shares his views honestly. You can read about the tips on empathy for metrics tracking at work. The blog provides both actionable lessons and practical advice for entrepreneurs to follow.


Gary Saitowitz the moment you go ahead with your business, it is necessary to establish your brand as a leader in your domain. It is essential to enhance the brand voice. This blog helps you to do both! You can find expert guidance on blogging, writing, and sharing your content fearlessly with your target customer.

Entrepreneur’s Journey

Do you want to excel in the “laptop lifestyle”? If yes, then this blog will help you to start and market your online business. Here the founder, YaroStarak, shares a smart online business model that he used to make ample profits. The model revolves around creating a blog, having an email newsletter and also selling the online products. If this is the space you wish to specialize in, this blog is precisely what you need.

Wise Bread

You need to hear from various sources on online business, accounting tools as well as freelance work! While you are already thinking on these lines, you need to check your personal finance and credit card sections as well. It is one of the best blogs to get you planning your business and entrepreneurial journey better.

All Business

You need to hear from the experts while you are setting up and expanding your business! In this blog, you will get to know about diverse topics, from marketing and sales to staffing and finance. You can also check out the technical articles on non-bank lending as well as inspirational articles that help you shift your mindset and even surpass mediocrity.

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Founder, Dr. Jeff Cornwall, is a professor of entrepreneurship at Belmont University. He is also a successful entrepreneur. This blog is loaded with smart guidelines and essential insights on starting up and expanding a business. You will know the exact time to pivot the business model and the reasons behind a sudden business launch.

Kabbage Small Business Blog

Here you will come across insightful articles on expanding your business, women in business, essential marketing tips and many more. The blog helps small business owners as well. You will know the sure short signs that you’re all set to launch your business and work for it. Furthermore, the blog also suggests ways to empower women in business. There’s something for everyone to look forward to in this blog.

These are the seven blogs that start-up or established entrepreneurs can refer to when they are setting out. It will help them to chart out their ways better and smarter.

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