Choosing the right blogging platform for enhancing your blog

Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform is the software which facilitates you for managing your blog and publishes articles or content on the internet. Blogging Platform is also called CMS (Content Management System). From its name, it is clear that this software is used for managing the content. Not only managing the content, but CMS can also do a lot of things to your blog.

CMS is the backend of your blog and hence can be modified according to your need. There are many CMS in the market which allows you to create a blog. Some of the famous CMS are, self-hosted WordPress, WIX, Drupal, Square Space, Medium, etc.

What is meant by Right Blogging Platform?

The right Blogging platform means that you have to select the software which enhances your blog features in the future as well as make you easy in handling everything on your blog. In this article, I will be discussing the and WordPress and helps you in getting the right blogging platform. You have to choose the blogging platform according to your need. For example, you can choose Magneto CMS for building an E-Commerce website.

I will compare and WordPress in terms of feature, future scope, ease of usage, etc. Before starting to create the blog, one should keep in mind using the perfect blogging platform for future enhancement of features, security, etc.

Using for your Blog is the CMS for blogging by Google. There are many themes available for designing. Using for your blog needs to know to code for customization. It is totally free. There are many benefits of like traffic handling, security, bandwidth, etc. You can use the space from Google. Widgets are available to add more features on the blog. Some of the features of are as follows:

  • Most Secure website
  • no limitation for bandwidth
  • Less prone to server problem
  • Customization is available but needs to understand the code
  • Widgets are available to add features to the blog
  • Integration of Adsense for monetization
  • Free of Cost

Using Self-hosted WordPress for your Blog

Self-hosted WordPress is the software you need to install on the web server. It is one of the most famous CMS for blogging. About 30% of total websites on the internet use WordPress. Self-hosted WordPress is totally customizable. You can convert a blog to an E-commerce site as well. You just need to install the software and boom! have everything GUI. No need to touch even a single code for using self-hosted WordPress.

Compare between and

There are many CMS for starting the blog. But in this article, I will only be discussing and Self-hosted WordPress.

For starting the blog on, you don’t need to invest money. But if you need a custom domain name, you only need to invest money on Domain. On WordPress, Even the software is free of cost but You have to buy space on the internet to install it.

WordPress is fully customizable with the usage of thousands of themes and plugins available on the WordPress repository. But on, you should need to know to code. It’s very difficult to customize as per your need. Moreover, you could crash your blog if you are not tech savvy.

Security of is most secure. However, on WordPress as well, it is too secured. Moreover, you can use the plugin for securing your blog.

The flexibility of WordPress is much more advanced than You can transform your WordPress blog into an E-commerce site. Video hosting, image hosting, etc. is easier on WordPress.

Monetization is possible on both the blogging platform but on WordPress you can make your own shopping cart and host business with it. Tracking sales, conversion rate, blocking spam users, etc. are all possible with the WordPress.

Google loves WordPress site. SEO is easier on WordPress. The SEO plugins made easier to handle every SEO of the blog. Sitemap handling on can be done on WordPress but you can’t edit any sitemap on

Other Blogging Platforms

Constant Contact Website Builder, Wix, Gator by Hostgator, Squarespace, are some other famous Blogging platforms. On Constant Contact Website Builder, you can have your own designed website. Drag and drop made easier in designing your blog. No technical or coding knowledge is needed for making the blog. It features a professional stock photo, custom logo maker and large template collection. Free domain and Free SSL is available in every plan.

On Wix, it too facilitates designing the blog with drag and drop method. For designing the blog, you don’t need to know the coding knowledge. Setting up a blog on Wix is quite easy and quick. It also has a lot of templates which you can choose for making the blog. Wix also has a free plan but you have to use the subdomain of Wix.