Easy tips to help you get the smoky eye look for your wedding at home


If a dramatic look is what you aim for at your wedding, the smoky eye is a perfect look to draw attention to big bold eyes that complement the wedding dress perfectly. While an airbrush makeup artist looks after your skin, you can try to get the smoky eyes to affect yourself right within the comfort of your home with a few nifty tips and simple products from your local drugstore.

Get your tools together:

There are a few basic tools that are a must when you wish to take over your eye makeup and get the smoky eyes to look. These are some basic tools like an eye shadow brush, a black eyeliner, black mascara along with two contrasting shades of eye shadow; a light coloured eye shadow and a dark coloured one. The lighter shades of eye shadow can contain colours like light grey, tan or white while the darker ones can contain black or dark grey.

Correct usage of the eyeliner:

Once you have all your makeup tools ready, you need to begin with the eyeliner first. The upper lash line is where you must begin applying the black coloured eyeliner. The trick to a good smoky eye is using a thin line towards the inner side of the upper lash line and as you reach towards the outer corner of the eye, you must thicken it for effect. To get a more dramatic look you can use the eyeliner for the lower lash line as well. This helps to define the shape of your eyes.

Using the lighter shades of the eye shadow:

Once the shape of your eyes has been defined, you need to begin shading them to highlight it. The first step to achieving this is by ensuring that you begin with the lighter shade of the eye shadow, recommends an airbrush makeup artist. You can use white, tan or light grey for this purpose. Use this shade to begin highlighting the inner area of your eye. Keep brushing this colour till you reach the centre. This is a very crucial step. If you wish to get a dramatic look, you can even highlight the region just below the brow bone with the same shade.

Using the darker shades of the eye shadow:

The darker shades of the eye shadow, namely black or dark grey are what will give your eyes the smouldering smoky effect that will have your groom weak in his knees. To use this effectively, all you need to do is use the brush to apply the darker shade of the eye shadow towards the outer area of your eyes. Try to blend the darker shadow with the lighter tones. However, be overly careful when shading the outer areas as this is what will draw maximum attention to your eyes. You can even use the darker shadows to smear the black eyeliner, adding on to the dramatic effect.

Using the mascara:

The mascara is the final makeup tool that will help seal your look and get the desired effect. The trick is to apply a good coat of mascara not just to the upper lashes but the lower ones as well. Wait for a few seconds before you apply the next coat to help add more volume.

This type of smoky eyes effect works perfectly for a grand evening wedding. However, if the occasion is less formal and is a low key one, you can opt for more subtle shades like browns instead of black. The result, however, will always be stunning.