The essential components of a business pitch – Eric J Dalius shares five key elements

business pitch

Every business has a similar goal i.e., to make huge profits! And few entrepreneurs will have sufficient resources to carry on with their ventures. Few others might make the most of excellent credit, which allows them to opt-in for investment loans. Many entrepreneurs need to seek the best investors to decide if they can launch their business. Are you seeking an investor? If yes, you have to plan for a smart and convincing business pitch, to impress investors.

Important business pitch features

Different companies consider specific aspects essential, which makes it to their business pitch. However, Eric J Dalius, a marketing professional, considers the following five elements necessary in a business pitch.

  1. You have to be precise and brief

A business pitch should cover the essential selling points in a few minutes. That creates an impact on investors. It might indicate that you have to draft a different pitch for every audience segment. However, customizing it that way helps you to address your target customers better. Mention the customer pain points that you want to solve. Mention the way your service and product can resolve the issue and make your customers’ lives better. Make sure to check the talking points, again and again, to make it useful and concise. The plan shouldn’t be redundant and confusing. The investor should know what you want.

2. Humanizing the business pitch helps

The investors are human, and they will respond to things that appeal to human sentiments and emotions. Besides wanting to support your business plan, investors also want someone with whom they can have a human connection. That helps in enriching the work experience. Here it would be best if you placed your background research to use. Use all the data you want to humanize your start-up business story. If you find any similarity between the investor’s journey and yours, mention it with subtlety. Keep mutual respect and use an amicable tone as you demonstrate and explain the business pitch.

3. Have social proof ready with you

Your social proof might be the testimonials that your end users have written. You can also collect feedbacks from social media comments and online reviews. EJ Daliussays that since reviews reveal the audience feedback about you, it helps investors to assess your brand potential better. And they might get convinced to support you and your venture.

4. Discuss the numbers

Excess figures can add dullness to your business pitch, but you still have to use it. The essential numbers are the overheads, the capital you require, the profitability, and the number of hires. You also need to add the return on investment (ROI) to the pitch. You should also be ready for backing up claims of the numbers that you share. It would be best if you did this smartly to impress the investor.

5. You have to explain your brand’s business model

It needs to include the way you are getting your business done currently. Highlight the modifications you would add provided you receive the financial backing. It would be best if you also discussed the marketing mix, other market players’ strategies, and how your brand strategy can be better than them with added capital and technology. Do you have impressive metrics? If yes, make sure to highlight it.

Adding these five elements to your business pitch will make your investors take you seriously and support you.