Top Electric Cars of 2020 That You Can Buy in the USA

Electric car

The number of swanky electric cars is increasing and people showing interest to own these vehicles too. Then, many of these cars do not have the range, to be honest, and available in a few and chosen markets only. Again, electric cars are pricier than gas-run vehicles. Then, you can avail of the federal tax credit of equal to $7,500 based on the electric car you want to buy and your current tax situation. Then, electric cars are more fuel-efficient than gas-operated ones and therefore, cost you less when it comes to maintenance and use.

According to an article published on, the Jaguar features a complete electric iPace crossover model, essentially an SUV, which was introduced last year. Read on to learn more about some of the top cars of 2020.

Honda Clarity Electric

The Honda Clarity Electric boasts of a chic cabin, a comfortable, stress-free ride, and enough space for grownups in both the rows. Just like the majority of electric vehicles, this model will delight you with an immediate off-the-line speed; however, this car has some performance issues when it comes to speedy driving on highways.

The car features a set of highly developed driver help or aids, and a smooth touch-screen interface with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. As far as the infotainment-system is concerned, it scores low, however, and is annoying to use, as there are no physical controls.

The car is available for lease only and not purchase. You cannot find it in all the states. However, you can drive this electric car in Oregon and Washington.

Fiat 500e

This electric car is almost indistinguishable to the gas-run 500, except from the vehicle’s 100 percent electric powertrain. The 500e vehicle has room for four individuals, though the cabin feels overcrowded. The second-row seats of this model are perfect for your kids. The Fiat 500e boasts of a retro-motivated external design, a feature to make other envious. The best part of this car is its exclusive Italian-made interior. Then, the cabin is made of low-priced plastics that mar the look and feel of Fiat 500e.

The vehicle is best for driving in the city because of its small footprint, agile handling, and immediate torque. The drawback is that you cannot take this car for a long-distance or for extended road trips. The car also lacks a cargo space as well as receives average crash-test ratings. You will find this electric car only in Oregon and California.

Nissan Leaf

This electric car receives much applause for its roomy interiors and spacious cargo area. The Nissan is also the least costly battery and electric vehicle available today; offering a decent 150 miles as far as range is concerned. In case, your travel is long or you like to take short trips, choose the new Leaf Plus model that will cost you around $33,550, offering up to 226 miles if the battery is fully charged.

The Nissan Leaf provides keen acceleration as well as unruffled handling. The cabin is not that classy compared to the other models, though it has an auto emergency brake system.


Though this is not a comprehensive list of electric cars, the best ones are mentioned. Try one of these models and you will love the experience.