Top 5 Things to Do in Cyprus


When it comes to tourism, Cyprus is probably not one of the first countries that come into your mind. But you should not underestimate this island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus welcomes 4 million visitors a year, and tourists have a lot on their plate because there are just so many things to do in this island country.

Go to the beaches

Cyprus is an island country, so it’s not that surprising that it has some amazing beaches you can visit. And not all of its beaches are the same. Some are sprinkled with fine white sand while some are covered in pebbles. Some of the beaches are popular and noisy while some are remote and quiet. There is just a great variety of beaches to choose from, whether you are going east to Ayia Napa or west to Pomos.

Relax in private villas

As a tourist, you may be thinking that hotels are the best places to stay in. But Cyprus has a lot of villas for rent you can try instead. These villas offer a luxurious feel like that of hotels. What makes them better than hotels is the fact that they are private and secluded.

You can find these villas even in the most popular destinations, such as Protaras and Peyia. You can find one with a landscape garden, a private swimming pool, or a great view of the sea. Try one of these villas and you may never want to stay in a hotel again.

Study archaeological sites

Cyprus is becoming a popular tourist destination not just because of its beaches, but also because of its archaeological sites. If you want to stay in the city, the country’s capital of Nicosia has a lot of archaeological sites you can visit. Cyprus Museum and the House of the Dragoman are just some of them.

If you are a little more adventurous, you can try taking the Aphrodite Cultural Route. It will take you to various sites across Cyprus. The route will give particular attention to Pafos in the west, Amathous in the south, and Kition in the east.

Take hiking to the next level

If you are adventurous but don’t enjoy history, you might enjoy nature instead. You can take hiking to the next level in Cyprus. There are a lot of natural and untamed lands to explore. There are dedicated hiking trails you can follow. You have the Adonis Nature Trail that gives you a fantastic view of the sea. You have the Gialia Nature Trail that gives you a great view of the valley. When you are looking for hiking trails, make sure to look at their difficulty level.

Visit religious structures

Cyprus is a religiously diverse country. It has people who follow Ancient Greek, Catholicism, Islam, and other religions. And what do you see around a country with a religiously diverse people? You will see religiously diverse structures too.

There are churches, mosques, temples, and other religious structures scattered around the country. There is the Agioi Saranta Cave Church, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, and the Stavrovouni Monastery among others.

There is something for you in Cyprus

If you are a person who prefers to relax, you can visit Cyprus beaches and rent private villas. But if you are a person who prefers to go on adventures, you can take the dedicated hiking trails and visit historical and religious structures. Whatever you prefer, there is something for you in Cyprus.