How Videos Can Attract New Social Media Followers


Video options are available on most popular social media platforms. For example, videos are the prominent form on TikTok which is the fastest growing social media app at the moment. If you want to become successful on these platforms, posting videos will boost your account. The more functions of each app you use, the more interesting and interactive your account is. If the platform provides you with another way to interact with your followers, make the most of the opportunity.


Instagram is a photo-based app with one billion active monthly users. There is a large audience to tap into whether you are building your prominence as an influencer or marketing your business. While uploading beautiful photos and keeping your account’s feed aesthetically pleasing, you should be interacting with your audience through video too. 

This can be done in a variety of ways on Instagram. You can use the story function to film and upload videos (or photos). This can help you engage with your audience on a daily basis with quick updates or comments. However, your story will disappear after 24 hours unless you save it to your highlights. 

You can also upload videos to your feed if it is under 60 seconds. Posting a video instead of a photo on your feed will grab your followers attention, encouraging interactions. If you want to upload a video that is longer than 60 seconds, it will be posted to IGTV and you can post a preview on your feed. This allows you to share more information with your followers.


The video features on Facebook are similar to those on Instagram. Facebook does own Instagram after all. The story feature is also available on Facebook. In fact, you can simultaneously post on both platforms’ stories at the same time. This is a great short-cut when trying to build followers on both apps. Facebook clearly values feed videos too because there is a ‘Videos on Watch’ tab on the app. 

If you have a business page, using videos can be a great way to show customers what your business is about. For users to like your business page they need to be interested in seeing updates from you. If they don’t care about your brand or want to follow your journey, they are unlikely to interact with your page. Videos can be a quick way to get your message across and draw customers in.


TikTok is completely video-based. Unlike other video platforms such as Youtube, uploads have to be 60 seconds or under. Information is shared quickly and entertainment is snappy. The format lends itself to quick-witted comedy and memes. 

There are lots of different niches on TikTok including make-up, fitness and dance. You can lipsync to songs and soundtracks, use filters and special effects, and create trends with hashtags. A unique feature on TikTok is the creation of duets. This is when a user takes another creator’s video and adds to it. The more followers that engage with your content, the better. Services like are an ideal solution to turn your follow count less lonely, and will give you a springboard to grow from. 


The more often you use social media platforms and the more you use each of the functions the platform offers, the more kindly algorithms will treat you. Showing up in discovery, search and suggested pages can really boost your views and how many people find your page. Social media companies have put a lot of time and effort into their video functions so they will favour the accounts who use them. IGTV was created to take over Youtube. This hasn’t happened yet but the more you add to the popularity of IGTV, the better your account will look.


Videos can encourage users to interact with you through likes, comments and follows. As the format is more engaging than still photos, it will grab the attention of those scrolling through social media. If they like what you are presenting to them through video, they will follow to see more. Videos allow you to be more personal with your audience as it is almost like you are talking to them. Creating a relatability with your audience is important for building long-term connections and supporters of your brand.

Expansion of Content

You can say more through a video, even if it is 60 seconds, than through a photo. This allows you to prompt conversations with your audience. Quote photos are popular on social media. Videos give you a chance to expand on the message you are trying to send through the quote. If you are a business and you get regular questions about your product or services, you could create a frequently asked questions video to inform your customers better. Videos allow an increased amount of information to be shared which will attract followers who understand you and your brand better.

Videos give you a better chance to interact with your audience and encourage them to follow you. Social media platforms promote video content, increasing your chance of discovery. When building an influence or brand, using all the functions available to you will give you the best chance of success.