Household appliances most likely to damage homes

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As a homeowner, there is a lot to consider in order to keep your house safe from hazards. Ensuring that your household appliances are maintained and kept safely is one important aspect of doing this. With Protect Your Family, you can compare appliance protection plans to make sure that your home stays safe from hazards. 

Household appliance insurance 

Household appliance insurance is a plan that you can take out to make sure that your appliances are covered in any emergency or hazard. The protection plan will cover the costs of any repairs to or replacement of appliances due to accidental damage or mechanical failure. 

Different types of policies vary, however, most cover appliances such as your white goods, coffee machines, TVs, gaming consoles and ovens, hobs and microwaves. With Protect Your Family, you will be able to find the plan that best suits your needs. 

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Common causes for electrical fires

Did you know that the UK home insurance market value is expected to reach £4.2 billion this year alone? Needless to say, taking out household appliance insurance is becoming increasingly necessary. 

What exactly does insurance for household appliances protect you from? Electrical fires are the main reason why it is necessary. Most electrical fires are caused by faulty sockets and outlets or worn-out sockets that aren’t grounded. But there are also a few other causes of electrical fires. 

  • Light fixtures and fittings
  • Extension leads
  • Portable heaters
  • Outdated wiring
  • Old or faulty appliances 

According to a study undertaken by, the household appliances that are most likely to cause electrical fires are cookers and ovens, causing at least five times more incidents than grills and toasters. 

With Protect Your Family, you will be able to find the best insurance for your household appliances, leaving you feeling confident in case an emergency occurs. 

Tips on how to avoid electrical fires

But there are a few things that you can do yourself as a homeowner to prevent any of this from happening in the first place. Firstly, always ensure that you use the correct fuse to prevent overheating and make sure that any electronic appliance has a UK or European safety mark before purchasing it. 

All high-powered appliances, such as washing machines, should have a single socket to themselves. When you have finished a load in your tumble dryer, make sure to clean out the filter. This should be done after every load to minimise the risk of electrical fires taking place. 

Also, make sure to look out for any signs of loose wiring such as scorch marks and fuses that blow and, where possible, unplugging any appliances is another way of preventing any electrical fires. This is especially important if you are going away for a few days and won’t be at home. 

One of the most important tips is to always keep any electronics away from water, this includes leads and appliances. The risk of electronics being submerged in water is electrocution. 

These are a few tips on how to keep safe whilst using your electronic appliances, but it is always useful to have the best home appliance insurance policy in place for extra assurance. 

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