What Do Normal Hormone Levels Look Like?


When you think of hormones, you probably think of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Did you know, though, that our bodies actually contain over 50 different types of hormones that help our bodies function properly daily. Having normal hormone levels is instrumental to staying healthy and keeping your body in shape – on the inside.

Read on to learn more about what hormones are, what they do in your body, and how to check hormonal levels.

What Are Hormones?

In basic terms, hormones are a type of chemical that travels through our bloodstreams carrying messages to help different cellular processes. These processes include controlling our appetite, how much we grow, our blood sugar levels, how we feel stress, even our sleep cycles, and sex drive and function.

In our bodies, we have what we call an ‘endocrine system.’ This is the body’s network of glands and organs that produce our hormones. Organs that are involved in this network range from different glands in our brains to glands that are found in our kidneys, our thyroid, and even our pancreas.

Different Hormones

Every hormone we have in our body is used for a different function. Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are all hormones that influence our sexual health such as our sex drive and sexual function, but they can also have an effect on our mood and our levels of fatigue. Some other hormones are:

  • Adrenaline – works as our reaction to stressors (increased heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolism)
  • Insulin – works to reduce blood sugar levels
  • Melatonin – controls our sleep cycles
  • Thyroid Hormone – controls the rate of our metabolism and energy levels

How To Check Hormone Levels

So, are your hormones normal? The best way to check this is to visit the doctor for a blood test. Of course, your doctor will ask you questions and assess if they think you need tests done. If your test comes back and your hormone levels aren’t where they should be, your doctor will probably recommend different options for how to deal with this.

SARMs, which stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, have been studied and shown to help with many hormonal problems such as sexual dysfunction, low testosterone levels in both women and men, chronic fatigue, and even weight gain. Umbrella Labs has a great selection of SARMs to choose from if you feel this may be a solution for you.

Normal Hormone Levels

Having normal hormone levels can keep our bodies functioning properly in day-to-day life, however, they are bound to change as we age. Monitoring them, and keeping yourself in the best shape, is a great way to make sure you stay healthy. If you are feeling under the weather, always consider your hormones and talk to your doctor about that, and supplements that may be good for you to take.

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