Why Do Dermatologists Recommend Moisturizers with Hyaluronic Acid


Moisturizers with hyaluronic acids have long been recommended and loved by dermatologists and beauty therapists. It helps in promoting radiant and youthful skin and even is great for maintaining healthy joints. You could find hyaluronic acid in moisturizers, exfoliators, and serums that should be included in your beauty regimen. Moreover, many people use hyaluronic acid as a supplement. As pera board-certified dermatologist at Forbes.com, Hyaluronic acid is immensely helpful in drawing water into your skin. Let us explore the top reasons to use moisturizers containing acid.

For Effectively Hydrating Your Skin

When you apply a hyaluronic acid moisturizer, your skin would be replenished and hydrated. It feels as if your skin is drinking up lots of water. Hyaluronic acid would be penetrating deep into your skin and binding water effectively to your skin cells thus, infusing nourishment in the form of moisture into the different layers of your skin. And if you have acne-prone skin, be sure to give Acnetane a try!

For Delivering Lasting Moisture

Moisturizers containing HA are gaining a lot of traction in the world of beauty and skincare. Hyaluronic Acid is a well-known humectant that is effective in grabbing moisture and holding on to it for the skin to effectively absorb it. You must include the best hyaluronic acid moisturizer in your daily beauty regimen for a nourished, replenished, and rejuvenated skin.

For Getting a Tighter Skin Tone

Nobody likes the idea of saggy skin. However, your skin would be losing its elasticity as you age. Your skin would not be bouncing back quickly once you start aging and lose the suppleness of the skin. Hyaluronic acid moisturizers could prove to be immensely helpful in restoring a tighter-looking skin. Such moisturizers replenish and also revitalize your skin with lots of moisture. HA helps in firming up facial contours to give an overall youthful and radiant appearance. 

Helps in Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

It is always a good idea to initiate a beneficial beauty routine with hyaluronic moisturizers to protect your skin and to make it look well-nourished and also truly rejuvenated. The moisturizers that contain HA are great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and also wrinkles as they help in locking moisture within the skin cell layers. It gives a sheer plumping effect to your skin. 

Effective in Stimulating Skin Cell Regeneration

Even though moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid would not be speeding up cell renewal, they would be promoting skin cell regeneration by providing additional barrier protection and hydration to your skin. This would result in a naturally healthy, radiant, supple, and vibrant skin.


The amazing benefits associated with hyaluronic moisturizers are the chief reasons why such moisturizers are gaining phenomenal popularity among women of all age groups. The hyaluronic moisturizers are great for reducing and preventing pigmentation issues and age spots too. These moisturizers could prove to be a boon for people with dry skin issues and also, individuals with acne-prone skins that need proper hydration too.

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