Wellmune: What is it? 


Sons’ Immune Health Supplement could provide you with the boost that you need if you’re struggling with fatigue. Giving you the chance to boost your health, the key ingredient in the supplement is Wellmune, which has been clinically proven to boost immunity. With this in mind, we take a deep dive into Wellmune and find out why it’s so beneficial to your health and wellbeing. 

What exactly is Wellmune? 

Known to strengthen and support the immune system, Wellmune originates from baker’s yeast and is a yeast beta-glucan. It is prevalent in multiple foods, drinks, and supplements with mushrooms and oat drinks being a couple of examples. Wellmune is free from gluten and is regarded as a highly purified glucan, which means you can safely consume it every day. If you take Wellmune daily, you can potentially experience a range of benefits, including improved energy levels, stress relief, and a general improvement in your physical wellbeing. 

The benefits of Wellmune have been backed up by dozens of peer-reviewed clinical studies, which highlight its efficacy. For instance, one 2020 study discovered that Wellmune shows ‘immune-enhancing and immune-modulatory effects across populations.’ Furthermore, a 2018 study found that Wellmune helped to reduce the severity of URTI symptoms. Thanks to this body of peer-reviewed research, it’s hard to dispute Wellume’s effectiveness when it comes to reducing illness and boosting wellbeing. 

What does Wellmune do? 

To understand how Wellmune works in practice, imagine that your immune system is a wellness team that gets to work every day. Once you have consumed Wellmune, your immune cells are bolstered and strengthened, which helps your body fight foreign agents and free radicals. When Wellmune arrives in your gut, the glucan within is absorbed by the cells before it is transported to the vital organs within your body. Then, Wellmune is broken down and attaches itself to the important immune cells in your gut, which makes them much tougher. 

What else is part of Sons’ Immune Health Supplement? 

While Wellmune is the star performer, there are several other integral ingredients in Sons’ Immune Health Supplement that you should be aware of. In fact, alongside Wellmune, there are ten all-natural ingredients that combine to offer you a product that can improve your wellbeing. Ingredients include L-Arginine and Vitamin C, which you can learn more about by visiting Sons’ dedicated Immune Health Page

If you’re keen to give your immune health a boost and stave off the dangers posed by free radicals, check out Sons’ website for more information and get in touch with their team if you have any specific questions about their range.