Types of Retirement Homes: Senior Housing Programs


Finding a suitable place to reside often becomes stressful for seniors. The reason for moving can be a medical condition or change in lifestyle. Here I’m going to list down a few retirement home options to help create a clearer picture and explain more about each type. 

Assisted Living Program (ALP)

Assisted living communities are good for senior individuals who require a wide range of housing care services, but they will be able to live somewhat independently. The ALP care community consists of small apartments. Members of ALPs can live on their own while enjoying routine care services, such as healthy meals, bathing, dressing, medication management, housekeeping, etc. ALPs also have to offer recreational activities and social get-togethers for the members of the groups. 

Independent Living

An independent living program is typically recommended to seniors who would want extra support while enjoying their level of independence. Independent Supported Living Plan is the best option to live with people having similar interests. Seniors living under such programs don’t need specialized care, strict personal care, and 24/7 medical assistance. They can take good care of themselves. They are here for community events, on-premise activities, field trips, and shopping excursions. Seniors will be living under fully equipped independent apartments. 

The Village Concept

The village concept is perfect for seniors who want to stay closer with other people as they grow older. The core ideology behind this program is to connect or link neighbors to support each other’s stay in their homes. The old people can get somewhat similar to the retirement home community. But, they wouldn’t really have to leave their homes, pack their stuff, and go live in a new place. They can acquire support (community services) from younger neighbors, youth groups, community groups, or other able-bodied village members. The cost of living as per the village housing program is relatively low as compared to other retirement home options. 

Skilled Nursing Facility

The skilled nursing facility is exclusively programmed for seniors who are in need of 24/7 strict medical assistance. Nursing homes are also known as nursing centers, long-term care programs, skilled nursing housing plans, and convalescent care programs. The skilled nursing facility is well-designed to offer high-level licensed medical assistance to elders. Senior individuals who are recovering from a medical procedure, injury, serious surgery, illness, etc. are recommended to consider a skilled nursing facility to avail long-term medical care. Skilled nursing homes are also a good option for seniors with debilitating physical or mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s. 

Continuous Care Retirement Program

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is based on the partially assisted living, partially nursing facility and partially independent living senior housing option. It is best for seniors who are looking to live at a specific location for the rest of their life. They desire to free themselves from future worries. CCRC is well-suited for spouses/partners/couples. They can stay closer even though one of the partners needs an extended care program. Seniors can start with independent living options and they can later move to other housing options with growing needs of high-level care. However, living under CCRC can be a bit expensive and there is normally a significant entrance fee. 

Short-Term Stays

A short-term retirement home program is designed for old-aged people who want to test drive what it is like living under home care centers. Short-term stays are also best suited for people who are in a recovery phase after a hospital procedure or people who need 24/7 special support before they return to their personal places. Short-term stays are one of the ideal options for seniors so that they can understand the perks of retirement home living programs on better grounds. They can expect medical care, delicious meals, specialized services, social gatherings, recreational programming, and much more.