Everything you need to know about Beard Oils

Bread Oil

Man, I never knew that growing long and healthy beard is going to be this much work. The work you put in growing a healthy beard oils is equivalent to the work you put in the gym.

My beard was late bloomers. The growth was late compared to my friends. So I never took the time to notice it. But one day when I was standing in front of the mirror I noticed that my bead region has become somewhat denser. But the only problem was that the growth of the hair was in 10 different directions.

As time passed by I started feeling a sense of itchiness. I researched quite a lot about the beard and how to maintain them properly.

Here in this article, I am going to share my experiences with me and my beard, and methods to grow a healthy beard.

What is beard oil?

Have you ever spared a thought in thinking that you do use hair oil to nourish your hair, so why not use any kind of beard hair oil to do the same? If you think clearly, there is no difference between beard and hair. If you invest time and money on your hair for its healthy growth, you need to do the same thing for the beard as well.

But that does not mean that the hair oil can be used to nourish the beard hair. Both regions have different hair and skin types, hence, they also require different types of soil nutrients.

Have you heard of the best beard oils before today? If yes good, if no then this article will enlighten you on that.

Beard oil is a cosmetic product for men. It is used for moisturizing the beard hair and the skin underneath the beard.

Benefits of beard oil

Beard oils are made to provide nutritional support to the beard hair. Beard tends to get rougher as the days go by. They have to taste the food you are eating, have to fight the weathering changes all day, this makes the beard hair lose all its softness and become hard resulting in the itchiness you feet from time to time.

The enumeration of the benefits are given below:

Moisturize your beard

Beard oils are very rich in protein and vitamins. It reaches down to the skin and hair roots making skin health. This oil also makes the beard hair soft thereby reducing the itchiness.

Gives it a natural shine

After facing the harsh outer environment, the beard loses all its shine and becomes a cluster of hard thin twigs. Beard oils nourish the beard’s hair root and help to regain its natural shine.

Increase the density

The beard oil can make your beard thick. It is a very simple fact that if anything gets the nourishment they require, it will bloom quite wee. The same thing happens with beard hair. If you can nourish it well you will get to see that it is not only moisturized and smooth but it also has increased in density.

Impart a natural aroma

You obviously do not want your colleagues to know that what you had during lunch by the food’s smell stuck on to your beard. Beard oils boast about their natural strong scent that can suppress all the other odor.

Ways to use it

Beard can be very hard to work with. If not maintained properly, it will feel like copper wires sticking out from your chin. This problem can be solved very easily with just a few steps.

Clean your skin

The best way to start is to wash your beard. Make sure you clean out all the dirt and the impurities. If possible shampoo it thoroughly.

Let it dry

Use a soft dry towel to dry out all the extra water present inside the beard. Make sure there is not a pinch of water on the oil while putting the using the beard oil.

Pump it up

Pump up some beard hair oil and mix it up well on the palm of your hand. This way you can ensure that all the oil nutrients are distributed thoroughly.

Hover over you beard

Smoothly hover over your beard applying the beard oil. Let all the oil soak up by the hair.

Do alight massage

While applying the hair oil, do a light massage. This not only helps you to mix the oil well with the hair but also provides relaxation to the tensed up skin.

Brush it out

Finally, brush it well so that you untangle all the tangled hair to shape it out.

Potential side effects of the oil

Side effects are very rare, the only potential side effects that these beard oils have is that they contain some of the ingredients that may be allergic elements to you.

It is important to do check out the ingredients and the component of the beard oils before buying. This way you can segregate the oils that may harm you.

If you fall among those people who do not know about which elements can be allergic to you, then you need to be careful with beard oil and pay extra attention to the after-effects of the oil.

Some of the symptoms that symbolize that you are allergic to certain beard oils are as follows:

  • Skin redness
  • Itchiness
  • Hives
  • Burning sensation

Take away

Beard oils are nothing more than the cosmetic products that are used by men to maintain healthy beards. It is nor necessary to use beard hair oil

If you love naturally grown and maintained beard that is perfectly fine, but if you are a man who likes to take care of your beard. Then beard oils can play an important role in doing so.

It is like, the more you take care of it, the faster it will grow.

Author bio: I am Saruk, a freewheeling Freelance Blogger who likes to explore the digital and technological world. Saruk is the feature writer of OnlineHealthMedia