Why Fall Is the Best Time to Move


1. Pros And Cons Of A Fall Move

You need to plan everything carefully if you don’t want to make things more complicated. If possible, choose the fall for moving. There are quite a few reasons for this.


One of the pros of a fall move is the temperature. If you opt for a fall move, you can save a lot of energy and make the moving much easier for you.

Not only is it cooler but while you are packing and moving around you are not relying on your AC as much to keep cool. This can help to lower your electricity costs.

Also, if you are moving to one of the states with beautiful scenery in the fall, such as Connecticut, you can not only enjoy pleasant temperatures but also beautiful nature.

Lower costs

The peak moving season in the US in summer. So, it is highly probable that you will pay a lower rate for moving services if you wait until the fall. Also, the costs of buying a new home can be significantly lower during this time of year.

Cutting costs is important, especially if you are moving to some of the most expensive US states like California or Connecticut. Besides the home buying and moving costs, you have to think about your electric bills, groceries, and other living costs. Companies like United Illuminating offer rates and plans that are competitive and will help you lower costs.

Yet, if you are moving to Connecticut you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills that much. Choosing United Illuminating as your electricity provider can help you save a significant amount of money.

2. Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Moving can be a source of great stress. So, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. These are some of the things you don’t want to go wrong.

Organize your packing

Don’t wait till the last moment to start packing. Make a plan and start packing a couple of weeks before you have to move out. Otherwise, it can cost you a lot of nerves and energy.

Also, instead of buying new moving boxes, you can reuse your or your neighbors’ old ones. It’s much easier and much more affordable this way.

Don’t forget to label the boxes

One of the mistakes that can cause a lot of stress once you move in is forgetting to label the boxes. The unpacking and settling into your new home will be much easier if you know where exactly you put your things.

So, writing the list of things in the box and the room they should be placed in your new home can make moving much easier.

Take the measurements before moving in

You don’t want to realize that your furniture doesn’t fit into your new home the moment it gets to your new address, do you?

To avoid this trouble, take the measurements of your new living space before you get into the moving process.

3. Moving And Packing Tricks And Tips

Maybe some of these tips could make moving simple and easy. It’s worth trying.

Contact different moving companies

You don’t want somebody or something to destroy your move. This is why you need to take care of everything.

So, don’t be lazy and do proper research on moving companies. Find out the important details about their business and services. Once you gather all the info you need, contact different companies and make sure you choose the best one for you.

Choose the right moving day

If you work Monday – Friday it is probably the most acceptable for you to do moving at the weekend. But, think again. Moving companies are the busiest on Saturdays and Sundays and the prices are the highest then.

So, if you can, choose the mid-week for your move. The roads are less crowded, the companies are more available and your bills will be much lower.

Pack a box with things you’ll need on the day you move in

Once the moving is over you will certainly feel exhausted. So, you will need some towels, soap or clean clothes on your first day.

Don’t forget to pack an extra box. Put anything you possibly need on your first day in the box. You will feel more comfortable and secure that way.

Final thoughts

Moving to a new place, even Connecticut, is not easy or simple. But, maybe some of these tips can help you organize it like a pro.