Adoption of online business tools to streamline work during the pandemic – Useful insights by Eric Dalius

business tools to streamline

Selected industrial sectors used remote working or work-from-home model. In IT organizations, this provision gets used when an employee isunable to attend office due to health or other critical reasons. COVID-19 and its contamination rate have changed the business reality. What seemed to be a “last resort” for many companies, is the savior now. Most companies barring the essential services are resorting to work from home. And that also indicates that companies need to embrace other online business tools to manage daily tasks and other business activities.

How are companies using online business tools?

Established brands and small business houses need to carry on with their daily business despite the lockdown. Eric Dalius, a marketing professional, throws light on the online business tools and other technologies that are aiding the process of work from home.

  1. Online video conferencing tools

Zoom and Skype seem to be the most preferred choice for companies to conduct interviews, client meetings, and weekly office meetings. There are several other video conferencing tools as well that gets used. Each tool comes with distinctive features. Some tools offer the capacity to record and save meetings so that the non-attendees can check the same as they prepare for the next meetings.

2. Google Calendar is getting used extensively

The practice of setting reminders for oneself and other team members now is getting facilitated by Google Calendar. In a pre-pandemic world, it got used by one person for private use. Today, business teams get onto Google meet-up tools and are all set to edit and make changes to Google Docs and Google Calendar both. It helps an entire team stay updated about the relevant changes and progress with the work. Eric J Dalius asserts since team members can use different colors for each other, it is easy not to get confused about the edits and changes.

3. eCommerce tools

Did you start your online business during the second half of 2019, when the world didn’t get contaminated by COVID-19? If yes, then it’s essential that you opt-in for eCommerce tools that will help you run your business smoothly, despite the pandemic. Has your new product or service idea reached a peak? Or it’s in a work in progress stage? In both situations, you can make use of Google Trends to set how much you progressed for the product keywords. You can then browse through the emerging trends as and when you deem fit.

4. Supply chain management tools

Your business will suffer ample loss when your supply chain crashes or gets hindered. Currently, due to panic buying and lack of adequate goods supply, your supply chain might get disrupted. However, you have access to other solutions than contingency planning to set things correctly. You can opt-in for CFEngine and Solarwinds. Most tools offer automation configuration for massive computer devices that helps in the uniform management of users, servers, mobile devices, embedded networked devices, and many more.

Companies are fast adopting these tools and others to progress with their work at hand seamlessly.