4 Health Hacks That Will Energise You


Do you find the end of the day rolling around and you’re completely out of batteries? Does your sleep never feel restful enough and you wake up feeling like you barely closed your eyes? If you’re suffering from low energy, you know all too well how much this can impact every aspect of your life, from your mood through to your productivity. Lack of energy can even have detrimental effects on your relationships too as you’ll have less patience and understanding when dealing with loved ones. Here are my top four health hacks that will energise you and help support you through life.

Add in Probiotics
This is one of the fastest ways to add in extra energy into your life. I find that even eating food products that are high in probiotics can make a big difference, such as more yoghurt, kimchi and kombucha. But if you’re feeling really low on energy you may need to start with something a little stronger, such as a probiotic diet plan or dedicated probiotic supplement. Ensuring your gut is healthy will in turn result in your digestive system properly processing food, ensuring you’re getting as much energy as possible from the things you eat. When I start taking probiotics I notice a change in my energy and digestion within a few days.

Get some Vitamin D
This is one of those things that you can either do with a supplement, or with a lifestyle change. Getting outside in the sunlight without any sunscreen on for 10-20 minutes a day can do wonders for your Vitamin D levels. It’s free, doesn’t take long and can impact all areas of your life from the quality of your sleep through to your energy levels. However, you might work during the daylight where you are, or live somewhere where sunlight hours are a bit of a scarcity, and in that case it may be worthwhile adding in a vitamin D supplement to your diet.

Moving Your Body
It may feel counterintuitive to move more and burn off energy to then create energy, but it does work this way! Adding exercise into your daily routine can make a big difference to how you feel each day. As you use and tone your muscles, you’ll soon see that it takes more to fatigue yourself, allowing you to do more before you feel tired each day. Click here to learn ideas of gifts you can buy.

Invest in Some Self Care

Taking care of yourself can make you feel better and more energised. There’s nothing worse than when we don’t make our own health or rest a priority. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you having enough time to yourself to pursue your hobbies and passions? If you’re a business owner it may be worthwhile investing in some team building activities to create a stronger bond amongst your team.

Hopefully these four health hacks that will energise you help you feel inspired to take better care of yourself.