Questions to Ask When Buying Trucker Hats for Men


Very few people can tell the difference between the humble trucker hats for men and the baseball caps- the American counterpart. But the features like the typical foam front, white brim, and mesh panels bear evidence to its modest roots. 

The trucker hats are the practical forms of the erstwhile headgears used by farmers, truckers, and the reasonably-priced advertising vehicle for the feed and agricultural store, which were their shopping destinations.

From that, the trucker hat has evolved into a high-fashion accessory. Be it the craze for Von Dutch or the latest offerings from Louis Vuitton – trucker hats are now an integral part of the celebrity style and runway.

What is a Trucker Hat? 

trucker hat is a ball cap with plastic mesh backing, a foam front, and a snapback closure.

This mesh back facilitates easy breathability (to be relieved from sweat in the head). This is primarily because the trucker hats were intended and commonly worn by men on the move or those working like truckers, mechanics, plumbers, farmers, loggers, tractor pools, spectators, etc.

So now that you know what trucker hats are, let’s explore the questions that you must ask when buying trucker hats for men.

Questions to Ask When Purchasing Trucker Hats for Men

How to Get the Right Fit for Your Trucker Hat? 

Most of the trucker hats are available in one-size-fits-all. This is primarily because they are snapbacks, and they permit about 4 cm or 1.5 inches of adjustability. You can get the right fit using a cloth measuring tape to measure the broadest part of the head.

If your head measurement doesn’t range between 56 cms or 22 inches and 60 cms or 23.5 inches, you need to customize your order for something smaller or bigger.

What Colours Are Best for Trucker Hats?

If you want to stand out of the crowd, you should try getting a trucker hat that comes in one or more vibrant colors like purple, red, or teal. Though it is not everyone’s cup of tea to try a hat this bold, it will go well with eye-catching accessories and flamboyant clothing.

What Features to Try for Trucker Hats To Fly Under the Radar?

While trucker hats are famous for their flat, big bills, tall dome area, and mesh material, if one of those characteristics is toned down a bit, you can easily blend in with the crowd.

That is why you should shop around and go with a trucker hat that doesn’t set quite as high above your head like the others.

How to Distinguish between a Stylish or Useful Trucker Hat?

You can bedazzle and style up the trucker hat if you want to be a fashion icon. Many decked-up options are now available. 

On the other hand, if you want a more utility-prone hat than style, then a camouflage design is the option for you. A camo hat can assist you to blend into nature while watching your target. This is ideal if you like the country style.

The camo trucker hats are available in various colors, including dark green, brown, black, and tan.

What to Do for a Custom Trucker Hat? 

If you have a creative bent of mind or if you want to promote a particular company or brand, then design a trucker hat and order online. This is also quite affordable and can help you spread the word about something.

Keeping the above in mind will help you choose from the trucker hats for men, which you can wear confidently whenever you step out of your home.