5 Things You Should Know About DNA Testing Kits


Humans have been searching for their identities for a long time now – different theories surrounding evolution, research about previous civilizations and the big bang theory are all concerned about what brought human life on earth and what did its current form look like previously. DNA genetic testing is one of the technologies that is extensively used in this and multiple fields and allows humans to collectively stay fascinated about their origins, their history and their ancestors. This sense of curiosity surrounding our existence on earth has given birth to self-testing and personal DNA test kits. These kits reveal information surrounding one’s ancestry and history, and listed below are five things you should know about DNA testing kits:

  1. DNA testing kits are extremely simple and easy to use

The most you would have to do to make a DNA testing kit work is get a sample of your saliva or simply swab something against the inside of your cheek. You would then have to seal your collected sample in a container and then mail it to a laboratory who is connected  with the DNA testing kit manufacturing company. It would then take a wait of about 6-8 weeks for the results from your collected sample to show up.

  1. DNA testing kits provide information about your ancestry

DNA testing kits provide information to an individual about their ancestry and compare your DNA data to represent populations and genetic connections in different parts of the world. Many individuals have mixed ancestry and hence are represented in their DNA reports in terms of percentages that are sort of described as 50% Polish, 25% Greek and 25% Arab, etc. These kits essentially work by comparing your DNA data to that of samples from people who were alive a long time ago.

  1. DNA testing kits can provide information about your health

DNA testing kits allow users to reveal information about whether or not they are prone to genetically transferred diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancer. However, the predictive ability of a self-testing DNA kit cannot guarantee whether or not you are prone to a certain disease. Although it can make you a bit more concerned about your health in a positive manner as knowing any of your ancestors had a certain disease would make you refrain from activities that could increase its occurrence probability in you as well.

  1. DNA testing kits used by you could contribute towards research

If you allow the DNA testing kit company, they could use your data and make your contribution towards genetic research. They could also ask you to give additional information along the lines of your sleep patterns, traits and characteristics. Such information allows these companies to create well researched and sound databases for future matches and research in other avenues. In addition to contributing towards a noble cause, you could also earn from your contribution if the company asks you to do so in exchange for a fee.

  1. DNA testing kit used by you can help in criminal investigations

DNA testing companies offer money to individuals who allow them to sequence their exomes and then find links using their genetic data and information. If researchers are studying a specific trait or characteristic, such data comes in handy as it is readily available for them to view. Since such data is readily available, despite certain privacy concerns, law enforcement can make use of this data to establish or find connections of available data with the data of suspects. If a link is found, it is easier to catch and reach a suspect even if they are very loosely related to you. The wide application of the DNA testing kit allows the scientist or researcher to successfully establish a connection and investigate.