5 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Pair of Classic Sporty Sneakers


It is easy to find plenty of shoes to fit your personality and style. The hard part is narrowing those choices down to the necessities. However, you could limit your options to begin with and make deciding that much easier by selecting a shoe category, like womens retro sneakers or sporty sneakers. Sneakers are classics for a reason, actually for several reasons. If you are on the fence about your shoe selection, then consider the following seven reasons to select a pair of classic sporty sneakers.

1. Comfort

You will be hard-pressed to find a pair of shoes that are more comfortable than sneakers. The padding and soft insoles make the shoe ideal for any scenario. When is the last time you wore a pair of casual heels and said, “wow, so comfortable.” A pair of comfortable tennis shoes make you want to move around and be social, not look for the nearest place to take a sit.

2. Versatility

You may think shoes, like new balance sneakers,  only pair well with active and casual wear, but that is not true. You can pair your sneakers with a cute sparkly dress or textured skirt. Look at the number of celebrities who now match sneakers with suits and dress wear. Sneakers may be the only shoe that is a jack of all trades.

3. Classic

There is a return to older styles happening in the world, or retro fashion. Sneakers are the most classic tennis shoe around. There are people spending thousands of dollars for original Jordans or Air Force Ones. You don’t have to pay anywhere near that much to wear a classic. You can buy puma sneakers for sale that are still manufactured for a fraction of the thousands someone else is paying for an original.

4. Gender Neutral

Many times, shoe choices are female or male, which can be difficult for people who identify as non-binary. Sneakers allow people to express their individuality without being pushed into one specific gender role. Sneakers just speak to your style, creativity and personality. They are gender neutral. Don’t let your footwear add extra pressure to specifying your identity, find a shoe that speaks to you.

5. Casual and Athletic

The best part of wearing sneakers is that they are both casual and athletic. You can wear them while chilling out at a backyard BBQ, or you can wear them in a pickup game at the park. The shoes allow you to be ready at all times, without sacrificing style in the process. Beyond casual, it is possible to dress up your sneakers with the right purse or outfit for fancier gatherings.

There is no reason to be uncomfortable ever. Sneakers provide you with a sense of style for all occasions without forcing you to pigeonhole your identity. If you are interested in your options, consider looking to online shoe stores for assistance. You can find a wide selection of brand new or classic shoe designs all over the internet. Give yourself some time and find the shoe that speaks to you.