Martin Polanco: Psychedelic drugs and psychological flexibility – The connection and after-effects

Martin Polanco

Martin Polanco buddhist monks have asserted that knowing and mastering the mind, can make one master oneself! However, the brain has multiple layers, which locks in thoughts, experiences, memories, pains, trauma, and the like. It also holds positive emotions like hope, love, happiness, innocence, will, and determination. Everyone experiences their share of struggles and failures. And that often makes the lofty qualities of the brain take a backseat. Not many can reach out to the positive elements, to step out from their negative self-talk. Psychedelic drugs act as a catalyst in making one attain this psychological flexibility. It helps them heal from mental issues that otherwise seemed overpowering.

How do psychedelic drugs lead to psychological flexibility?

According to Carl Yung, it’s our subconscious mind that rules our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. But most of the time, we are only functioning from our conscious mind, which has recorded all the occurrences. Healing takes place when there is a seamless connection between the conscious and subconscious mind, that helps the brain to release the limiting beliefs and plug-in life supporting thoughts. The new age psychedelic drugs act as a catalyst for promoting this psychological flexibility seamlessly by working on the brain structure. To know more about psychedelic treatments, you can read more about Martin Polanco.

How can humans benefit from this psychological flexibility?

Martin Polanco the ancient healers and scholars believed that humans don’t use every strand of their DNA and brain capacity. Through the use of psychedelic drugs and treatments, the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind slims. With this psychological flexibility and expansive consciousness, humans can do several things to benefit their health and mind. The crucial ones are:

Can play an active part in their healing

It is challenging for people to release patterns of abuse, trauma, and deep-set phobia. Most people fail to face their fears and cause of depression. They get stuck in the emotional loops and start to feel restless. With psychedelics like ayahuasca and DMT, the brain takes a different route. It eases the restless thought loops and makes a person aware of the true nature of the mind i.e., calm. And from this state, a person can look objectively at the patterns that limit their life and make a conscious effort to move past it. Healing occurs gradually, over time.

Make the best use of affirmations

Counselors and holistic healers suggest affirmations to let go of old behavioral patterns and imbibe new ones. Ideally, the brain takes 21 days to adapt to a new thought or habit. People who practice affirmation and deliberate visualization under psychedelics, taken in measured doses, reported increased benefits than others. It’s because their brain didn’t have any layer of doubts and dilemmas about the process.

Curb anxiety, worry and panic disorders

Everything that we feel has a reason! People who are in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and worry have serious reasons that stay buried within their minds. Taking inferior quality drugs or medicine for temporary relief will provide benefits in the long run. However, psychedelics can provide a long-lasting solution without any side effects. It works on the temporal lobe, boosts serotonin, and makes a person witness the true cause of their worry and heal it permanently.

Over the year’s psychedelic has also benefited people who wish to delve into the mind layers during meditation. It helps people to unlock the mystery and potential of their minds.