Delivering Happiness in a Bundle: How to Open a Flower Shop 2021 Guide


Flowers reduce stress and bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

According to one Rutgers University study, flowers improve four aspects of emotional health: happiness, well being, intimacy, and sense of calm. What better way to bring joy to people’s lives than becoming a florist?

If you’re looking to open a flower shop then check out our guide below.


The first step in opening any business is conducting thorough research. You need to have a firm understanding of the target market for your shop and the competitors you could face. 

If you can, conduct surveys, scout potential customers, and analyze market data online. This will give you a comprehensive picture of your shop’s potential strengths and weaknesses. 


How are you going to fund your shop?

Have you saved up money for years and you’re ready to finance it yourself? The fixed costs of opening a flower shop range from $10,000 to $50,000.

Make sure your budget includes all potential expenses from electricity to employees. Remember that replacing old flowers with new ones will be your largest continuous cost. 

Choose Your Business Model

Opting for an online rather than brick and mortar flower shop can substantially cut costs. However, you’ll face more intense competition like Amazon.

Whether you dream of owning a boutique shop or a massive online franchise, you should have a business plan.

Decide how much you will charge customers. Will you deliver flowers and if so, how? Most importantly, don’t forget to pick a business name!

Get the Necessary Permits

Don’t open a shop to find out it violates your city’s building codes. 

From sales tax to state and federal licenses, you should consider hiring a lawyer to advise you during this process. You can also register with your local small business association. Prioritize purchasing flower shop insurance to cover both your shop and your workers. 


From your local farmer’s market to powerful online chains, it can be hard to break into a saturated florist market. 

Stand out by finding your niche. Are you an expert at colorful arrangements or are your flowers 100% homegrown? This will be your competitive advantage.

Set up Shop

Now that you have a plan and funds, it’s time to open your shop!

If you’re using a website this means designing it and having an order and delivery system ready.

For in-person stores, location is key. Wealthier downtown areas are ideal but might have high rents. You can also start with a stall or farmer’s market station.

Make sure you’ve hired staff, decorated, and have flowers in a window display to attract passerby. 


Advertise your opening day long before it happens. 

Customers need to know about your shop in order to visit. Set up social media accounts displaying beautiful pictures of your products. Brand yourself by creating themes and a store logo. 

Open a Flower Shop Today

Sell someone a smile and open a flower shop. 

Flowers are so much more than a Mother’s Day gift. If flowers are your passion, use this guide to start your own shop. 

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