Which Type of Senior Living Is Best for Mom or Dad?


Statistics show that there are 1 million licensed beds in nearly 30,000 assisted living facilities in the United States.

Assisted living is one of a few options for senior living available for the elderly in your life.

What concerns do you have about senior care? Where have you looked so far? How comfortable is your parent with the idea of senior care?

Keep reading to learn more about the type of senior living options that your loved one may enjoy:

Family Type of Senior Living

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of senior living is probably a community or facility. There is an option that people sometimes use on a situational basis. This option is for your parent or parents to move in with your family.

For some people, this is not possible. Whether it is a lack of space or the inability to get along, not everyone can do this. If you find that your home has extra space, moving your loved one in with your family could be a short-term solution.

Multi-generational homes are becoming more common and allow everyone to benefit from being closer.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are typically comprised of small apartments. These facilities are best for seniors that want to live independently but require some assistance in certain areas.

This can be as simple as having medications managed or more complicated personal care tasks that they are unable to do alone. The additional assistance can provide you with the peace of mind that your parent will be OK living there because they have help.

Age-Restricted Communities

Most age-restricted communities are 55 and older. This exclusiveness allows seniors to live in an area with their peers and not deal with any younger people. 

These areas foster a sense of community among seniors that are of the same age group and share an interest in living in an area with others their age. These communities are typically quieter and have amenities that cater to the age group they are targeting. 

Continuing Care Retirement Community

A benefit of continuing care retirement communities is that they are all-inclusive. This allows seniors to live the way they want to without worrying about the maintenance that comes with doing so. 

The immediate social network upon joining this community is a large draw, especially if the senior was lonely at home prior to coming. This type of senior living is also adaptable for couples that have different needs as far as their health. 

For more information on continuing care retirement communities, visit findcontinuingcare.com for more information. 

Start the Process Today

Now that you have read about the type of senior living options available, you can begin the process today. Continuing to do research and talk with others can help guide you to the right choice. Check out our website for a variety of informational articles like this one.