Everything to know about WordPress-Technology For Website


Matt Mullenweg is the founder developer of WordPress, Automattic, and WordPress.com. His personal blog is ma.tt. WordPress is one of the most used software for making Websites. More than 30% of total websites on the Internet use WordPress. It is a CMS which will provide you the platform in publishing the articles and managing your website very easily. It made easy for non-tech people. Its all about drag and drop in designing the website. Every procedure is taught to you either by a web host company or the official site of CMS in making the website.

It was released in 2003 under the GPLv2 license. You will be surprised to hear that it is free of cost. It is available for download from the official site. You don’t need to invest a penny for using the Software. It is free and open-source CMS which means you can modify it according to your need. It is mostly associated with blogging but you can perform other functions as well. There is nothing you can’t do with the software. It is written in PHP language. It needs to be installed on a web server which supports PHP script. Generally, it is installed on the Linux hosting server.

Why WordPress is so Popular?

WordPress is a software used for making websites. The implementation of Themes and plugins has made the CMS flexible. Themes and Plugins have increased the features of the WordPress. With the usage of theme, you can transform your WordPress site into an E-commerce site, Photo, Video hosting site, live chatting, etc. It has a user-friendly navigation bar. It is easy to use. Whatever you need for hosting the website, WordPress provides you everything like a pro. Adding writer, editor for your website is possible and easily can be managed on it.

What is a Theme?

The theme allows the user to change the look and design of your website. It is designed by following the WordPress Standards with structured PHP, CSS and valid HTML. It can be directly uploaded either using FTP or by the usage of WordPress software itself. There are two types of themes available in the market namely free and Premium (paid). The premium theme has lots of benefits like well coded, responsive, fast and robust, customer support from the company, etc. You can also build your own custom theme.

What is a Plugins?

Plugins are the codes which are installed upon the software for extending the features and functionality of the website or blog. These Plugins made the CMS So famous because plugins let you convert your WordPress site into any form. There are many categories of plugins like SEO plugins, Designing Plugin, Security plugin, Backup plugin, etc. Some are free and some are premium. More than 50,000 plugins are available in the WordPress repository. Plugins help to manage the website effectively and efficiently.

Features of WordPress

The Features of WordPress are as follows:

  • Customizable design so that you can have your own design without touching codes
  • Plugins available made SEO friendly for search engines, You can edit everything which is necessary for SEO
  • Themes are designed in such a way that it is device responsive. It is viewable on every device having any size of the display without affecting the design.
  • High Performance and Manage on the Go
  • Websites are highly secured. Moreover, there are many companies that built plugins for providing security, backups, firewall, for the security of your websites or blog
  • It has powerful Media Management
  • Easy to use and Accessible.
  • Support Multi-user and multi-blogging with the usage of single Software
  • Supports trackback and Pingback for displaying links on other websites
  • Advance Editing features and also with the usage of plugins, you can change the design of each post and page

Benefits of Using WordPress

There are so many benefits in using WordPress. Since it is free and open source software, you can modify it according to your need. Moreover, Word camp developers and User conferences have made easy in the utilization of the WordPress. Due to its growing community, a user finds easy in finding the bug and solving it by themselves. You can transform your Website into forums, Photo hosting site, video hosting site, a live forum, blog, an E-commerce site, Business site, login pages for numerous people, news sites, mailing lists, analytics, etc. A well-Written Documentation on WordPress helps in the customization of the website.

Future of WordPress

The usage of CMS is growing day by day. The updates include more features to its users. More GUI friendly and ease in usage is coming in every update. Security has been a major target and is improved in every update. The Community of WordPress is growing in such a way that every WordPress user find easy in solving the problem that occurred in the software.