Roger Stone – Who is he and why did he get jail time?


Based on the latest records, Roger Stone will face jail time as per the verdict of a federal judge for a criminal case. Roger Stone has acted as an adviser to President Trump for a long time to jail. The criminal case at hand had agitated the Justice Department and also made the president angry. It is essential to know about Roger Stone and the illegal charges against him. That way, people can see why this legal case has become a burning issue.

Do you know Roger Stone?

For the ones still unaware, Roger Stone is a 67-year-old Republican political operative. He is famous for his tattoo and stylish wardrobe from Richard Nixon, the former president. Back in the 1980s, Stone had come up with a lobbying firm that successfully represented the dictators such as Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire and Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. Paul Manafort was one of the partners for this venture. And he was serving President Trump for the presidential campaign back in 2016.

Agent Provocateur

Stone often called himself an “agent provocateur” and “dirty trickster”! The man went ahead and also took all the credit for discovering the prostitution scandal which negatively affected Eliot Spitzer, Democratic New York Governor back in 2008. Also, in 2016, Stone was got quoted on National Enquirer article, which claimed Senator Ted Cruz had five mistresses. However, Cruz had denied this accusation entirely.

What was the legal case with Stone?

Roger Stone for indicated by Robert Mueller, who was accountable for investigating the Russian intervention back in the 2016 election. Trump called Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt”, which had resulted in criminal charges against several people. It also included Trump’s associates, for instance, Michael Flynn, former national security adviser and Manafort. The investigation also shared details about Moscow’s campaign about social media propaganda and also hacking. It all aimed at giving a boost to Trump’s candidacy as well as documented several contacts between Russian and his campaign.

What was Stone’s fault?

A Washington based federal jury had convicted Stone back in November 2019. His charges were lying to the Congress, witness tampering, justice obstruction for about seven times. During the trial, the prosecutors shared that Stone lied five times to jail the lawmakers about the U.S Home Intelligence Committee and his connections with Trump campaigns.

What are the reasons for the attorney general to stay tensed?

The prosecutors last week suggested jail time between seven and nine years. Four prosecutors resigned, and Attorney General William Barr had witnessed criticism through the congressional Democrats as well as others, that Stone went on politicizing the criminal justice system. 

Last but not the least, Trump criticized the prosecutors and jurors. He also criticized the U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson presiding on this case. Trump was on with his statements even when Barr expressed in ABC News, that the president’s comments are making it tough for him to complete the job. Furthermore, according to similar sources, Barr had stepped down.