4 Modern Tips To Freshen Up Your Retail Setup + Captivate Customers


You have worked endlessly to create a unique, welcoming, and streamlined small business. And yet… you begin to bite your nails as another customer checks her smartphone, knowing she could easily choose Amazon over you in a single click. 

In this digital age, it can be hard to stand out as a brick-and-mortar retail setup, and you have to constantly adapt and innovate to thrive as a small business. What sets you apart from the competition? What gets customers off their phones and engaged with your product? Let’s explore 4 tips to freshen up your retail setup and intrigue, charm, and captivate your future customers. 

  1. Bring In the Window Shoppers

Turn those window shoppers into paying customers by creating a lively window display! Think of your store window as your business card; You want the passersby to get a clear picture of your brand, know what you sell, and turn them into paying customers. Do this by getting creative in a way that aligns with your aesthetic and distinguishes you from the competition, and you’ll convert casual window shoppers into paying customers!

  1. Create An Explosive Entryway

Now that you’ve got the potential customers in the door, be sure to dazzle them with the best your store has to offer as soon as they cross the threshold. Create a display of specialty products and eye-catching bestsellers at the entryway to increase engagement with your product and perhaps entice the customer to buy something they didn’t know they needed. 

The same principle works at your exit, or what I refer to as “the gauntlet” when I’m at the checkout line at big retail stores like Anthropologie. Line the pathway to the register with tempting small-ticket items for a cute last-minute increase to each customer’s final total.

Studies suggest that humans like to look from left to right while shopping, due to a theory experts call the Invariant Right that centers on Americans’ proclivity to keep to the right side of the sidewalk. As they enter, encourage customers to browse in a pleasing counter-clockwise pathway by drawing them in with an eye-catching display directly on the right. Remember, there’s a reason why Whole Foods places its beautiful floral section at the entryway of the store!

  1. Brand Your Signature Color

When you think of your favorite brands, do you automatically think of a color? For example, When I think of Glossier, I think of baby pink. When I think of Target, I think of red. A specific color can be even more powerful than a logo, and when the two are combined and streamlined across your product, packaging, advertising, and physical store, you can create a truly unique, branded, and seamless experience that the customer won’t forget. 

When remodeling your store and revamping your brand, consider hiring professionals to paint an accent wall. Bonus points if you support a fellow small business in your community like these hardworking painters in Kansas City

  1. Change Your Layout

The layout of your store can make or break a customer’s experience and is often even more important than the products you sell. The longer your customer is engaged with your product and present in the store, the more likely he or she is to make a purchase. Create a pleasing, open layout for your store, and switch it up seasonally to better display your current offerings. 

Especially in a covid-conscious world, customers don’t want to be scrunched up against each other in a cramped store. Less is more when it comes to the amount of product you have on display, and allowing customers room to browse and breathe with a thoughtful layout will boost your aesthetic value and boost revenue.

This is just the beginning of what you can accomplish when you realize the impact that aesthetics can have on your bottom line. By creating a beautiful layout, a welcoming window, and branding your product with a signature color, you can freshen up your retail setup while racking up the “regulars” at your small business!