7 Ways To Protect Your RV on Your Spring Road Trip


When the open road calls, be sure your RV is prepared. A spring road trip is an excellent way to celebrate warm weather, but not at the cost of a damaged recreational vehicle. Use these seven ways to protect your vehicle, from custom RV covers to a simple cleaning routine, to keep up the road trip memories for years to come. See how you can enjoy great deals on highly rated covers and care items today.

Best RV Cover Options for Traveling

RV covers come in many shapes, sizes, materials and quality levels. Unlike a car cover, you don’t necessarily need an RV cover that matches the exact make and model. You do, however, need a cover that can hold up to life on the road and keep your RV protected.

Look for a cover that has convenient zipper panels for your doors and storage areas. This allows you to get in and out of your motorhome or trailer while the cover is still secure. Access panels take the stress out of packing and preparing for your trip.

Don’t believe RV or car covers that claim to be fully waterproof. A waterproof material doesn’t offer the breathability you need, so avoid these options. Instead, look for a cover that’s UV- and water-resistant.

A cover protects your vehicle from the worst effects of weather, but it can’t protect you from every occurrence. For maximum protection during your spring road trip, look for these seven items:

  1. UV-resistant cover material
  2. Water-resistant material
  3. Tire covers
  4. Car duster
  5. Car shampoo
  6. Car wax
  7. Tire and wheel care products

Tire covers should be made of similar material to allow air to enter, but to protect your tires from rain and direct sunlight. Put covers on during long-term storage and while you’re parked at a campsite for multiple days.

How To Protect RV From the Sun

You love soaking up the sun until you get a sunburn. Similarly, your recreational  vehicle can only handle so much direct sunlight until it becomes negatively affected. UV rays from the sun are damaging to paint and can heat up tires, causing them to weaken. It’s important to protect your RV from the sun in order to extend the lifetime of its paint and body panels.

Perform the same exterior care steps on your RV that you perform on your vehicle. This means a full wash, polish and wax for maximum protection and shine as you cruise the countryside. This helps prevent paint from fading or becoming damaged by bird droppings, dirt and UV rays. A car duster with wax-coated microfiber can sweep away any dust and dirt in between washings for a vibrant look at your campsite.

Prepare for Your Spring Road Trip Today

Don’t hit the road without performing a few preventative maintenance tasks and investing in affordable protective gear. Shop for fender covers, tire covers and full RV covers today to make the most of your springtime adventures. Come back with memories and souvenirs, not a damaged RV and scratched paint job. Order covers and car care kits online today to enjoy great discounts on highly-rated items