Dos and Don’ts That You Should Learn Before You Visit Vietnam


As a foreign tourist, it is important to embrace the nuances of the country’s culture that you are planning to visit. And when it is about visiting the country with deep secrets and culturally rich land, Vietnam, it is important to learn about the place beforehand. We are sure that the facts and the etiquette will fascinate you and also make you fall in love instantly with the country.

The treasured culture of the country is one of the attractions that caused a huge influx of tourists recently. Vietnam has been influenced mainly by the Chinese culture and also above that the country has passed through multiple changes in history. And this is why Vietnam got the quintessence of cultures, and the actual beauty lies right within.

Population Comprises

Vietnam has almost 54 ethnic groups, but the major population comprises the Kinh people. Additionally, the geography throughout the country differs, some parts covered with mountains, some with stunning landscapes and also others with the rivers. This difference is also one of the reasons why people from varied cultures reside at different locations.

If you are planning the best Tours to Vietnam/Vietnam Travel Packages, the S-shaped peninsula country, it would be best to know about the norms and avoid chances of creating any bizarre situation. Are you excited to explore the secrets and crazy cultural beliefs of the country? Keep scrolling…

Vietnam observes 11 different religions, namely, Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Cao Dao, Hoa Hao, the Pure Land Buddhist Home Practice, the Threefold Enlightened Truth Path, the Four Debts of Gratitude and the Threefold Southern tradition.

Many of the locals do not strongly believe in Buddhism but do follow the Buddhist preachings. The locals of the country greatly believe in learning and also love their society and family. The Catholics of the country do not entertain any superstitious practices but do keep the shrine and altar of a family ancestor.

Let’s know a bit more about the family values of the country:

You are likely to book yourself the best Vietnam travel packages; however, without knowing how Vietnamese bond with their families and how much they value their ancestors can be known here.

Vietnam has zero to negligible western influence, and unlike the western countries, children stay with their parents even after graduation or getting married. Don’t be surprised if you see three to four generations of families staying and hanging out together. Children are taught to respect elders specially and greet everyone with respect. Elders, on the other hand, have to take care of and prioritize the study of their kids or grandkids.

There are certain dos and Don’ts that one should know before booking the flight tickets to Vietnam. The reason being, acknowledging yourself about the dress requirements and food styles, helps you in better backpacking.

Vietnamese Dos:

  • As mentioned, Vietnamese have a negligible influence on western culture, and this can be seen when you enter the pristine temples and pagodas. You need to dress properly, with the length of your pants at least below the knees and shoulders covered.
  • Greet every elder with respect, whether they are leaving or coming. Say goodbye if you see them leaving a place.
  • Don’t enter the houses with shoes. Take them off at the entrance and walk inside the house barefoot or with home slippers.
  • Make use of both the hands while receiving an offering from the elders.
  • If you are invited by a local to visit the house, don’t visit them empty-handed. Well, this doesn’t mean that you have to carry costly items, but you can carry fruits, flowers, beers, or wine.
  • Do not click random and instant pics of the locals. Ask for their permission before clicking.
  • It is advisable to hold your bowl in hand before eating.
  • The country observes this custom of finishing the food offered to you completely. Leaving food behind in the bowl is considered a disrespect to people and meals both.

Vietnamese Don’ts:

  • Never show affection towards your loved ones in public. Yes, you can not cuddle or kiss publicly while you are in Vietnam. It is considered disrespectful according to their culture.
  • Even if you are addressing someone, never point at them. It is rude and disrespectful for them to be pointed for any reason.
  • Don’t talk while you are chewing your food. Yes, people should not be able to see food in your mouth while they see next or opposite to you.
  • Do not leave your chopsticks vertical in the bowl after eating. The reason being, vertical chopsticks look similar to incense offerings to the dead.
  • Do not wear too much jewelry while traveling to Vietnam. Along with being considered a show-off, you are at risk of being robbed.
  • Control your anger when in public places. Vietnamese usually do not welcome anger or lose face.

Few other interesting secrets about Vietnam are:

  • Every Vietnamese has a ghost story to share with you. Many of them have heard strange voices at midnight or how a butterfly landed them up to a funeral.
  • You are allowed to negotiate prices while shopping from the locals.
  • Tipping doesn’t happen openly in Vietnam, it’s not in their culture.

No one likes their country being criticized and nor does the Vietnamese. They give you love when you visit them and expect the same in return. Vietnam is an amazing country, and the culture has a great fusion of traditional and modern values. If you are fascinated with the facts already, book your best tours in Vietnam today!