10 Ways To Save Money When You Travel


Sometimes, we avoid travelling because we always end up broke afterwards. There are ways of preventing extra expenses during a trip. In this article, you will be getting some tips that can help you save money when you travel.

Why Do People Spend Big During Their Travel

It’s popular news that most people spend more than budgeted when they travel. There are several reasons responsible for these expenses, and the most common cause is for the experience. When the experience you get beats what you earlier imagined, you tend to spend more. Other reasons why people tend to spend more when they travel include;

Inadequate budget: To save money when you travel, you should have an adequate budget for your expected trip. If your budget is either too low or too high, it can affect how you spend.
Taking a proper survey of the area, you are traveling to, and budgeting properly can help you save money when you travel.

Currency difference: Currency difference can make one feel like they have a lot of money to spend. Keeping a mental note of your currency while spending, it can help you save money when you travel.

Peer pressure: This is very relatable. Traveling in a company of peers can increase your rate of spending.

There are a lot of other reasons that can mess with your plan to save money when you travel. From your take-off point to your destination and back, a lot of things can happen.


More Time, Fewer Places

If for instance, you have ten weeks of holiday, you may plan to spend each week in 10 different countries. This is fine, but it can alter your plans to save money when you travel. This is because in going to different countries, you tend to spend more on flights, bus trips, hotels, and general expenses. To save money when you travel, you can consider staying in one place for a longer time instead. This will help you properly study your destination and equally spend less. 

Book Flights

Most times, the ticket fares are lesser on the airline’s website. Try visiting the site for the airline to help save money when you travel.

Get A Room With An Inbuilt Kitchen

Food! The biggest consumer of money when you travel is food. Being able to cook your meals is better since it is cheaper. Try finding hotel rooms that have kitchens in them. Also, if you plan to stay for a long time, you could consider renting an apartment instead.

Follow Travel Websites

Most times, travel sites have a lot of discounted deals. You can follow them up on social media to be able to see the dates and discount rates on deals. Some deals can cover for family, or just children. There could also be a discount for tickets. Imagine how much money you could save by getting travel discounts.

Use Coupons

Some areas have coupons for travellers. Visit local tourist information offices. Do your research, and you may find a way you can spend less when you travel.

Rent a Bike

If you are travelling on vacation, then you probably want to know your area better. Instead of taking lots of buses and paying lots of fares, you could get a map and rent a bike. Increase your creativity and save money when you travel at the same time.


You do not have to buy stuff for the exact price you are told. Ask for a bargain, if you can. However, do not over negotiate. Bargaining can reduce the cost at which you get something. In some places, negotiation is not allowed. Yet, you would never know until you try.  

Leave Your ATM Cards

The cashless policy is so simple. Sometimes we carry our purses out because well, you never know. F you are on a budget and trying to save money when you travel, try leaving your ATM cards at home when you go out. Take only the amount of money that you need.

Find Cheaper Markets

You are probably new around the area, so you may be a novice. Trying making inquiries about where you can shop. There are cheaper retail shops where you can get similar stuff. This will significantly help you save money when you travel.

Phone Call Rates

Some apps can reduce your phone call rates in a foreign country. Phone calls can add to our cost as they take a lot of money, especially international calls. Search for apps that help reduce your call rates. These tips are very effective. The next time you take that trip, you can try them.

The Bottom Line

Our Top 10 tips in spending less when travelling will go a long way in ensuring you stick to your budget and spend less in your next trip. You can leave a comment below on any suggested tip you have tested and it worked, and we will add it to the list.

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