What We Need To Know About PPT to PDF Converter of GogoPDF


People are now online doing shopping, learning, client presentations, et cetera to move our economy. However, security became a big deal, too, as people learned the art of hacking. Accordingly, everyone turned to keeping information secure, so the birth of file converters like ppt to pdf converters was prone from online theft of personal information. 

The information we put there may be used against the author or for the benefit of the thieves. Sadly, we made those available for them, but we can do something to stop it. One way is to convert our outputs or presentations to secured files, like pdf through ppt to pdf converters. An example of an excellent converter is from GogoPDF.

What is PPT, and what is PDF?

If you want to know how to convert PPT to PDF, GogoPDF offers the best tools for that. But before we talk about GogoPDF, let us define what a PPT and a PDF is. For everyone’s appreciation, allow us to begin in defining PPT and PDF. A PPT is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that is editable and artsy.

It is less secured and comes in large files. A PDF, on the other hand, is an Adobe Acrobat format that is editable but looks like a printed document. It is very secure and a smaller file. Both can be published and transmitted electronically.

Is it easy to convert PPT to PDF?

Yes, it is easy to convert slides to pdf. Start by preparing the slides you need to convert. Then, open your web browser and go to gogopdf.com. Select the slides on your device, drag, and drop them at the gogopdf.com PDF converter box. It will instantly start, so just wait until the conversion is done. Voila! You can download and save it or share it to your friends.

Is it fast?

GogoPDF values everyone’s time; hence, they make sure that when clienteles visit their site and use their tools to convert essential files, no time is lost. Users can immediately convert their PowerPoint slides to high-quality pdf files in minutes or two and leave the site in a flash.

Is GogoPDF safe? 

Yes, it is safe. GogoPDF understands their customers’ desires to keep their data and their work output securely, and they take pride in fulfilling those needs by implementing Data Privacy Acts on their site and in all their tools. Thus, they can assure all their users that all files uploaded for conversion are removed from the GogoPDF server after an hour.

Is GogoPDF accurate?

Yes, it is accurate. The GogoPDF programmers use the most reliable format reservation methods and embedding codes for their PPT to PDF converter tool, and they keep their site updated. 

Therefore, when using their online tool in converting PowerPoint slide presentations to a PDF file, all original formatting, images, and design are retained. Top-level accuracy!

GogoPDF’s accessibility

Part of GogoPDFs goal is to make every customer experience seamless. To do that, they ensured that their converter tools are well-matched with major computer operating systems or OS, such as but not limited to Linux, macOS, Unix, and Windows. Also, it is well-suited with common browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Are PPT’s large files?

No, it’s not. Powerpoint slides are larger compared to pdf files. The converter tool works online; thus, all converted outputs may be stored safely to users Cloud drive. There is no need to download another app, and it will not use your device’s memory. Users will only need their slides, an internet connection, and any device or gadget. 


Sharing and giving information online is now a trend. Although PPTs are catchy, there are other ways to tell our stories through easily transmittable forms like pdf files. To do that, you can design your slides using PowerPoint and later convert them to an adobe file using GogoPDF ppt to pdf converter tool making your sales pitch in and safe.