How to Build a Car wash Bay


The main reason for building wash bays is to contain wastewater discharged to the sewer. wash bay gives you the ability to clean cars while disposing of wastewater properly. The car wash contaminants, which can be harmful to the environment, are collected at the wash bay to prevent them from spreading.

Constructing a wash bay can attract more business for your car wash. Before building a car wash bay, you should understand the technology around it. If you are incorporating a car wash bay in an already existing car wash or you are building a brand new car wash, various steps are necessary; these include:

I. Concept

You already have a dream of how your car wash bay should look like draw it on paper. Your concept should be compatible with the type of car wash you want to build. There are two significant types of carwash bay design you may consider: Permanent or Temporary.

II. Site Selection

The space for the construction of your wash bays must be attractive and enough for building the facilities. In terms of space, the construction area should accommodate all the vacuum cleaners you intend to use

III. Survey

Involve a professional surveyor to survey the selected area; he should determine whether the terrain and other site features are suitable; the survey will need an AutoCAD computer drafting of their survey work to help draw the site plan and the final car wash drawing.

IV. Engage an Architect

After you have decided the type of carwash bay system you want, look for an architect or a contractor who can build it. If you are unable to get the right contractor, there are many firms that you can consult. Some firms will recommend experience architects as well as legit equipment suppliers. Your architect will sketch a blueprint for your plan and start building. You will need an engineer to review the blueprint to determine whether it matches the requirements for setting up a wash bay in your place.

V. Schedule a Meeting

Plan a pre-construction meeting with your contractor and subcontractors to discuss the different terms and the construction timeline. Ensure that you document all the details of the meeting to review them as the work continues.

VI. Get a Permit

When building a carwash bay, you will require permits from the local authority; when doing your research for your potential business, you should also assess the permit approval process in the area. You can involve the planning department to guide you on proper documentation. The planning commission also involves the public to give their opinion on having a wash bay nearby. Once the planning commission approves your plan, then you will be scheduled to meet the municipality.

VII. Construction

Get all the required equipment for construction. The quantity of the materials will depend on your wash bay’s size, which is determined by the size of your carwash. Also, determine if you are going to get roofing materials for your wash bay. Make sure you monitor the process of construction to ensure that the contractor sticks to the agreed design. Having a car wash bay makes it easy to clean vehicles and trucks; it is easier to maintain than a pressure washer and offers an efficient cleaning experience