7 Benefits of Massage Therapy For The Elderly

massage benefits for Elderly

As we get older, a lot of things in our life change. While there are numerous positive experiences, the pain and body therapy aches that are accompanied by old age also come knocking on the door. Conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis make it difficult for seniors to engage in their favorite physical activities, and it also makes it challenging for them to perform day to day errands.

Though it is tough to avoid these problems in old age, there are some methods that can help you cope with them. Massage is one of the most effective forms of physical therapy for both young people and seniors. It can have loads of advantages for our health, some of which have been mentioned in this post. Therefore, keep reading to learn how massage therapy can be beneficial for seniors.

Massage can help combat arthritis:

massage can help arthritis

According to studies, arthritis is the most common disability among senior citizens globally. It is characterized by pain and inflammation in our joints, which makes it very difficult to perform any physical activities.

However, Percussion massage has numerous health benefits, one being that it can help in combating pain and inflammation. This massage can increase the flow of blood to the affected area, which helps in the healing and strengthening of the joint. Moreover, it can eliminate joint inflammation and provide a long-lasting solution for back pains and arthritis.

Massage can help seniors sleep and relax:

Some seniors also find it very difficult to get some quality sleep. They have to resort to sleeping medications to doze off, but we all know that these sleeping medications can do a lot more harm than good.

They have tons of side-effects, and as you continue taking them, you can build up a tolerance to their effects as well. This means that you will have to increase the dose of the medicine, which can be severely harmful in the long run.

However, massage can have a positive effect on your sleep cycle. It can help your mind and body relax, and it helps you sleep and rest.

Now, we know that massage is good for our sleep quality, but we can’t really hire a massage therapist to help us sleep every night. Rather, you can invest in a quality massage chair, which can have various positive impacts on our health. If you are planning on buying one, check online for some tips to use a massage chair.

Massage can be helpful for Alzheimer’s patients:

Alzheimer’s is a very common form of mental deterioration that is exclusive to seniors. There is no cure for the disease, as it is a natural deterioration of the mind; however, this problem can be avoided.

Studies have shown that massage can reduce stress, which is one of the leading developing agents of Alzheimer’s disease. Massage triggers the release of certain hormones and endorphins that keep the mind healthy and young.

Apart from slowing down the development of the disease, massage can also be beneficial for patients who are already suffering from Alzheimer’s. Studies have indicated that slow backstroke can help combat certain forms of agitation like wandering and pacing. Massage can calm dementia patients down and help them sleep as well.

Massage improves the lymphatic system:

In layman terms, the lymphatic system is responsible for collecting certain fluids from our muscles and organs and riding them of unwanted toxins. As we grow older, the performance of the lymphatic system may start to deteriorate, which can lead to fluid retention, inflammation and muscle cramps.

However, massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to optimize the performance of your lymphatic system. Massage can result in the stimulation of the lymphatic nodes, which can accelerate the lymphatic system.

Massage helps in recovery from strokes:

massage helps recover from stroke

In older age, strokes are a consistent threat. They are very damaging, and if someone has one stroke, they are at an increased risk of another. Apart from all the medications, massage is a natural and side-effect free treatment that can be quite beneficial in recovery after a stroke.

Massage stimulates our muscles and nerves and increases blood flow to the limbs while effectively decreasing stress as well. This can heal the nerve damage that may be caused because of the stroke, and it can help patients avoid paralysis.

Massage therapy can improve blood circulation:

One of the most important benefits that massage can have for seniors in an improved blood circulation system. In our old age, the circulation of blood can slow down, because of certain cardiovascular disorders, or simple deterioration of the organs. However, massage can have a very positive impact on our blood circulation system.

It can increase the blood flow, and consequently, the flow of oxygen and nutrients to remote organs, and muscles. Moreover, it can result in an improved immune system and lymphatic system. Massage therapy can also improve the utilization of insulin in our body, which can be beneficial for diabetes patients, who have low insulin levels.

Massage can help counter stress:

Stress is a very serious problem for everyone, regardless of their age. However, stress can be more detrimental for seniors than it is for young people. With deteriorated and weakened organs, that are inevitable in old age, stress can be more damaging, especially for people with cardiovascular disorders.

Stress also leads to several diseases, and it can accelerate your ageing. Therefore, countering stress is essential, and massage therapy is one of the best ways to do it. You should plan a spa getaway on the weekend and get a therapeutic massage once or twice a week. Massage can trigger the release of certain neurotransmitters and hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which can help you relax and eliminate stress instantly.

To sum it all up. Massage is an effective natural treatment that has been used to treat many issues for a very long time. Though it is beneficial for all ages, massage can be especially helpful for seniors, who can’t use many medications because of underlying conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Some of the most prominent ways in which massage can be helpful for seniors have been mentioned on this list; we hope you find it helpful and informative.