Everything to Know Before Renting a Yacht


Did you know that recreational boating contributes $170.3 billion to the United States economy? Americans love being on the water, and boating is a huge economic driver.

Are you planning a vacation? Is there a special day on the horizon that deserves a magical experience? You’ve thought about boat rental, so why not a luxury yacht?

Renting a yacht is a fantastic way to spend time in luxury with your friends and family, but there are some things to know.

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Gather the Right People

A yacht charter is not a day boat trip. You’re renting the yacht so that you and those you gathered have a luxurious vacation on the water. You’ll travel to different, exotic locales complete with a crew attending to your every need.

Before you travel with friends and family, make sure you invite agreeable people. A conflict on a boat, even one as large as a yacht, can wreck a vacation.

Find the Right Boat

The term yacht means different things to different people. They are of different sizes and shapes. The smallest yachts are around 27 feet long, while luxury cruisers extend 40 feet and beyond.

Adeline’s Sea Moose is 68 feet long and fits up to 45 passengers!


When renting any boat, you have to determine how much space you need.

A 27-foot yacht will comfortably accommodate six to eight people. The larger 40-foot luxury cruisers can fit 10 to 12.


Are you a capable captain? Or do you want to hire a crew to sail the yacht for you? Many yacht rental companies offer the expert guidance of an experienced captain and crew for an elevated price.

What are your plans while on the boat? Some people rent jet skis or other recreational vehicles to enjoy the water to its fullest. Others want a day or days of cocktails and fine food.

Before you rent, decide what amenities you’ll need to get the most from your rental.

Learn Yacht Ettiquette

Sailing on a yacht has its own set of rules and etiquette you must understand before you board. Ignorance of yacht etiquette puts your passengers and crew in danger.

  • Respect the crew and keep them informed of any changes
  • Follow all safety measures
  • Treat the boat with the same respect as your home
  • Gain clearance for any pets before you bring them on board
  • Educate yourself and follow all applicable laws
  • Defer to the Captain at all times

It’s also important to remember that your Captain and Crew provide a service much like restaurant or hotel workers. Be prepared to tip, and tip well.

Renting a Yacht for Your Next Vacation

Renting a yacht will transform a vacation into a lifelong memory.

Before you rent, make sure you consider space and necessary amenities. Don’t forget to brush up on your boat etiquette and remember that the rules are meant to keep you and your fellow passengers safe.

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