6 Ways Your Restaurant Business Will Benefit from Using Digital Menu Boards


Digital signage boards have gained wide acceptability in restaurants. As more restaurant businesses open, they lean towards outdoing their competition with creatively done menu boards. As well, older restaurants are ditching their traditional chalk written menus and are contacting companies that make digital menu boards for restaurants to update their menus. Whether you choose to buy your LED screens, or rent them from somewhere like https://www.leddisplayrentals.net/ you’ll soon see the benefit to digital menu boards.

Digital menus are aesthetically appealing, but besides that, they have many other benefits for restaurants. These benefits include:

1. Easier to stay compliant with health regulations in restaurants

You can easily change and update information on the menu board. There are health regulations that require restaurants to declare the caloric load of food items on the menu.

If you are using a static menu, it makes it very difficult for you to change such information. But with digital menus, you can upload information without any complications.

2. Easy to maintain standards across chains

If you are running a restaurant chain, it is vital for you to maintain standards across all the restaurants. This is easy to do with a digital menu. With an integrated system, you can change up your menu, lower or increase pricing or upload promotional items from your computer and the changes will reflect in all your menu boards.

3. Up-sell and make profitable sales

Digital menu board help with upselling. If you have static boards, your customers have to keep asking for details of any additions that can be offered with their order.

If you have digital menus, you can display order add-ons that will induce the customer to buy. Many fast-food restaurants have made profits by using this technique. If there are menu items that are not moving, consider combining them with popular menu items.

Since digital menu boards are easy to change, you can change your up-sell items by the hour if you wish.

4. Adjust menus easily

Running your restaurant business will indeed be interesting if you use digital menus. You can adjust menus to suit your crowd or support a promotional concept. If you walk into a restaurant that uses digital menus, you will note that their menu changes based on the meal of the day. All these changes happen at the push of a button.

Use the same concept in your restaurant and you will see remarkable improvements.

5. Distract customers as they wait

Customers dislike waiting in line. The wait feels even longer if they have nothing to distract their attention.

Stream entertaining content or facts about certain foods on your menu boards; you can mix this with promotional content about your brand. If you provide distractions, your customers will feel as though their waiting time has been cut in half.

6. Minimize errors

Digital menus will protect your business against human error. If you forget to change items on a static menu, your customers will look on your brand negatively if they order and are told you don’t have that item.

With digital menus, you can add and delete items and the changes will be real-time.


Do publicity have helped restaurant businesses to revolutionize their way of operating. Do publicity recognize that your menu is the core of your business. Therefore, with their creative menu board designs, they make it possible for you to present food items to customers in a way that shapes spending behaviour to your advantage.

If you are using a static menu, it’s time for you to upgrade to a digital one. Every time you need to change anything on a static menu, you have to make fresh designs, print, transport them to your restaurant and install them.

This process is not only slow but in the long run, you will incur a lot of money just to keep your menu fresh.