Longines Conquest Watch: The Best Timepiece For You


When buying a luxury watch, there are a lot of things to consider. This is because you will spend a significant amount of money from your salary on purchasing it. Firstly, you have to examine the quality to make sure that it will last you long. Second, of course, you will have to consider its design, depending on the vibe you want to go for.

Today, we will be discussing a specific brand that will help you select a timepiece that will match your standards. From its quality to its design and even up to its price, you will surely find a timepiece in this list that will captivate your heart. If you are at a crossroads between the watches you want to own, this article might greatly aid you.  

Getting to know the Longines Conquest watch

Longines Conquest is a brand pioneering on timepieces. It took the watch-making industry by storm, releasing elegant collections that are aesthetically pleasing and outstanding in terms of its technology. Its watches cater to audiences with a different sense of style, comfort, and even lifestyle.

Longines Conquest has a lot to offer, especially in terms of design. It ranges from the basic to the over the top timepieces. Since you are probably here today to search for a watch where you will potentially invest your money, we will be discussing with you four timepieces from Longines Conquest which you can consider. 

Longines Conquest Quartz Men’s watch (L37262566)

If you love black so much, then a staple accessory for you is an all-black watch. This black beauty is perfect if you love to go for a casual yet classy look. It is made up of stainless steel material tinted with a night-black color from its case to its strap. To match with the black exterior is a black dial with the brand name and logo on the upper part.    

The watch’s details go for the minimal look. The numbers 12 and 6 are written in gray metal color, while the rest of the numbers are replaced with lines in gray and white color. Small lines colored in red are also placed to represent minutes. It has three hands in metal gray to represent second, minute, and hour. 

Longines Conquest Quartz Men’s watch (L37164766)

If you want a watch that will go with any outfit, here is the perfect watch for you. This timepiece is a classic silver and white combination that will surely upgrade your inexpensive outfit to a high-end look. It is made of stainless steel in white-silver color from its case, crown, to its strap.

Its dial has intricate elements. Numbers 12 and 6 are written in metallic gray color, matching the lines that represent the remaining numbers. Red lines are also placed to represent the minutes. It has three hands representing the second, minute, and hour. A date window is also present on the right side. To top it all is the name and logo of the brand on the upper part.   

Longines Conquest (L33774165)

The stark contrast between the dark strap and the light hardware exudes uniqueness and class. It is the best accessory to complement formal looks and upgrade casual looks. Its strap is made out of leather in dark brown color with thick beige stitches. Its case up to its dial sports a light silver and white look.

The white dial is written with numbers 12 and 6. The rest of the numbers are substituted by lines–all are in silver color. On the upper side is the name and logo of the brand. On the right side is a window that displays the date. It has three hands that represent second, minute, and hour. It has a bezel that is also of the same color as the case.    

Longines Conquest VHP Quartz Blue Dial Men’s Watch (L37274966)

If you have a thing for watches with many subdials, this should enter your options list. The exterior of the watch is very classic. It is made up of stainless steel in silver from its case, crown, and strap. Its bezel is in black, perfectly matching the dark theme of the dial colored in navy blue.

Instead of numbers, it is substituted with lines in white and silver except 12 and 6. Red lines are also placed to represent the minutes. Its three hands representing the second, minute, and hour are colored white and silver except the second hand, which is in bright red. It has three subdials placed at the center and a date window on the lower right side.


Luxury watches are worthy investments, but that’s only if you choose a watch that perfectly fits your vibe and lifestyle. With the amount of money you will be spending on buying a luxury timepiece, it is imperative to make sure that you choose not just based on design but also quality and durability. Longines Conquest is assured to be perfect for you!