4 Creative Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience in 2022


If you’re a blogger, then one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is how best to grow your blog. One of the worst mistakes you can make as a blogger is to get too comfortable with where your blog is. Constant growth with your blog will open up so many opportunities, from sponsored trips, through to brand collaborations and even paid writing opportunities. If you’d like to transform your blog from a hobby to a legitimate business, then keep reading for my top four creative ways to grow your blog audience in 2022.

1. Get on Pinterest
If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re making a mistake. For many bloggers, Pinterest is as important if not more important than Google. This is especially true if you cater at all to the mom market, because mom’s love Pinterest and the visual aspect of it makes it a great way to get your blog posts seen. You can check out this website for some great tips about how to use Pinterest to your blogging advantage.

2. Guest Posting
I love guest posting because it’s a fun way to make new connections with other bloggers. You can reach out to bloggers you’re already familiar with, or contact some to make some connections. You can ask them directly if they’re accepting guest postings and see what opportunities you find yourself with. You can also join blogging groups for your particular niche and keep an eye on if someone is asking for guest post submissions. It can be a great way to direct traffic to someone else’s blog, while getting new traffic for your own blog. I find it best to focus on blogs in my specific niche, that way I know the visitors will be likely very interested in my blog too.

3. Have a Good Giveaway For Sign Ups
Creating a list of readers can be an important part of running a successful blog. Growing your subscriber list means that you’ll have more people to alert to when a new blog posts comes out, or when you’re being featured in a guest post on someone else’s site. If you want to entice people to sign up for your email subscription, consider gifting them something for signing up. You can write an eBook on something you’re an expert on and give that away, or a special article that’s not published on your site can be a good incentive. Be creative about how you can ‘hook’ your readers and begin your email list.

4. Invest in SEO
If you can afford to, it’s absolutely worth investing in an SEO expert like Rex Originals to help you improve your site’s SEO profile. While it’s possible to manage your own SEO yourself, it can be very time consuming to learn what’s working best in 2022 for SEO and then of course finding the time on top of that to implement it. For that reason, if you can, investing in professional SEO services will help you skip a whole lot of hassle, allowing yourself to focus on the things you love such as content creation.

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