Why You Should Only Trust Certified Locksmiths


Everyone cares about home security a lot in these times. Nobody would like to have a theft or burglary occur inside their own home. Our homes are, for better or for worse, our sanctuaries in the world. People put a lot of effort into trying to make their homes safer. They buy expensive security systems and other security products. You use these devices to make your home safer. But none of these security devices matter, if the one who is putting them in is the one who wants to break into your house. 


Locksmiths are specialists that deal with everything related to locks. You must think that a locksmith is who you call when you need a lock fixed or need to change a lock. That is a bit of a simple understanding of who locksmiths are and what they can do. 

What can they do? 

Locksmiths are able to do the following things in the course of their profession. Locksmiths deal with these problems quite regularly. 

  1. Lock Changes 

A locksmith is often called upon to change a lock. A lock needs to be changed when it breaks. Locks with stolen or misplaced keys also need to be changed. A locksmith is able to come and replace these locks that need changing. They can do so with relative ease. It is probably one of the most common problems that they have to deal with. 

2.Making New Keys 

A locksmith can also make new keys to existing locks. They can do this even without having any copy of the keys. They usually need to do this when the key somehow breaks. Some people also ask for replacement keys made instead of having a new lock installed when they lose or misplace their old keys. 

3. Re-keying a Lock 

A locksmith can “re-key” any lock so that previous keys no longer unlock the lock, but the lock now needs a new set of keys to be opened. This is important for when you are moving into a new house or renting a new apartment and you want the assurance that no one in the world (apart from the landlord) has easy access to your new house. 

These are three of the most important roles that a locksmith fulfills. 

You see that they are heavily involved with just how safe our house can be. Is it a wonder then that the locksmith Dublin, needs to be certified by the Private Security Authority in order to ply their trade? A locksmith with bad intentions can do a lot of harm. They can sell copies of your keys to robbers. They can install purposefully weak locks. They can put glaring weaknesses in your door locks. They can do a world of harm, which then can be exploited by others. They can do this either because of incompetence or just because they want to take advantage of you. 

A certified locksmith, however, has to answer to the PSA. They are regulated and that’s why they are people you can trust. Never go to a locksmith who isn’t PSA certified. It can cause irreparable harm to you.