Project Destroyer Bot Review


With more and more products becoming incredibly hard to get, the demand for reliable and efficient shopping bots has significantly increased in recent years. Sneakers, limited-edition items, new consoles, and other gadgets – every hot product is available in limited quantities. If you’ve just scratched the surface of the copping community looking for a solution, you’ve probably heard Project Destroyer mentioned in a place or two.

Is Project Destroyer the Best Shopping Bot Out There?

Many online shoppers who don’t want to leave things to chance swear by PD and its stellar features at a budget-friendly price. It’s also been around since 2017, which is a lot longer than most other bots out there. Why is it so popular? What can it do for you? Let’s go over the pros, cons, and the list of the most critical features Project Destroyer has to offer.

Outstanding Support for Shopping Websites

PD owes a lot of its popularity to the simple fact that it supports over 200 shopping websites. You can use it to get products from industry giants like Nike and Adidas, but also many less popular websites like The Darkside Initiative and Anti Social Social Club. There’s also support for multiple regions when it comes to larger retailers like Adidas and Supreme, which we believe is what makes this bot internationally popular.

As much as we love the excellent compatibility with various online shops, we’re not crazy about availability. Project Destroyer is often out of stock. The creators say it’s because of incredibly high demand. Fortunately, you can sign up to get a notification once it’s available again.

Pricing Details

The bot will set you back $200 initially and then an additional $35 per month. It’s important to note that you can get a “lifetime” version that never stops working for about $500. If you’re looking to get serious about coping and flipping items on the resale market, it’s a pretty good deal that should pay for itself soon enough. Some say the cost is too high, but the high demand tells a different story.

Proxy Support

There’s nothing like getting excited for a new drop, going to the website, and learning that the offer is not available due to your location. Proxy servers are a perfect way to replace your real IP address with a new one from anywhere in the world.

More importantly, they give everyone a chance to get their hands on more than one product, which is particularly handy in drops that limit the number of purchases to one per client. By arming yourself with high-quality Project Destroyer proxies, you’ll be able to buy as many sneakers (or anything else) as you wish.

Project Destroyer is a multi-threaded bot, which means you can perform an infinite amount of tasks. Since each site is different, you’ll have to create functions for every shop you plan to buy from. To take full advantage of this functionality and shop till you drop, you need to designate proxy servers for each task. Again, having access to an unlimited supply of fresh proxy servers for Project Destroyer is crucial. This might help you understand why proxies play a vital role in successful botting.

Regular Updates

Online shopping websites constantly change. From regular website updates to special security measures that ward off bots, every shop constantly evolves. To stay successful, bots always need to be one step ahead, and this is what Project Destroyer has been doing since its inception. It has implemented constant upgrades and improvements to ensure compatibility and the highest possible success rates, so each user gets what they paid for.

Combining Accounts

PD allows shoppers to create account groups and add proxies to them, which should help users avoid dealing with each account separately. By creating group accounts for a particular website, users can initiate different capabilities for each account in a whole group. It may sound a bit unclear, but it’s a stellar feature once you get the hang of it. The feature reduces the chances of using the same activity set twice. In other words, the risk of bot identification is significantly lower this way.

Final Thoughts

Although they made a name for themselves a long time ago, PD’s creators still work hard on developing the bot and keeping it relevant and standing out from the rest. It may be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it. Project Destroyer is a great AIO bot for everyone, from beginners to veterans in the online shopping realm.