6 Smart Ways to Re-use Your Wedding Decor


Wedding decorations form the environment for your particular moment. They significantly improve the mood of the event, so you can almost feel personally accountable for picking design items that make the visual appeal look inexpensive.

One choice to deal with this problem is to find decorations appropriate for use in the couple’s home after the wedding. Not only can you afford a little extra to get better furniture, but it also helps make your new house feel a bit peaceful as you get settled inside. Keep reading to learn more about the cool ideas on how you can repurpose your wedding decor.

  • Floral Vases

The flower vases are the convenient wedding decorations that can be quickly added to your home decor. They could be good surface decor and accessories when you start moving them from your wedding to home. You can find them at various prices and designs, which can be used in your wedding and home themes.

It would be a smart idea to purchase yours in place of the rent so that you can preserve it later. You can position them at specific positions to showcase lovely flowers and flower arrangements. If you are using these on your special day as part of a wedding decoration item, you can reuse them for home-decoration after the wedding.

  • Lighting Accessories

You can also decorate your home with the light sources you use in weddings. The soft light fixtures can be placed inside a bottle, or you can tie them around a colorful stick. You can use them later on special occasions at your home or add them to your living room to increase the stylistic attraction.

You can also use lanterns to light your garden or balcony after the wedding. Indoor and Outdoor decor of your home can be decorated by reusing lanterns of different sizes in various ways. It is another cool and quick way to repurpose the wedding decor.

  • DNA prints

Antique frames and old glass structures make up the majority of wedding portraits and art displays. But, if you are looking for something more out of the box and non-cliche, get yourself DNA prints!

Your unique DNA prints are what makes you and also is a printed copy of every adorable trait of your loved one at genomic level. The art piece will be as unique as your special bond with your loved one and portray your wholesome relationship to the very core of your being.

Hence, you can proudly showcase your unique DNA prints along with the ones of your beloved. You can also go for fingerprint prints or maybe even a kiss portrait which you can of course relocate to your home after the wedding ends.

  • Cake Stands

We enjoy baking cakes, and you will certainly make numerous cakes after your wedding day for your partner, to those visiting your house, and even for your child. Being said it would be a smart choice to save the adorable cake stands after your wedding day, and use them. If baking is not your job, you can also use the wedding cake stand as a kitchen or bathroom decor.

Cake stands can be used again in so many ways: from showcasing cakes and food to exhibiting anything else from exquisite perfume bottles and jewelry boxes to luxurious soaps and towels or roses. It can also be used as a bathroom decor to perfectly display shower gels and perfumes.

  • Furniture

Use your throwing pillows and other furniture accessories to bring a glamorous and comfortable atmosphere to your wedding. They are used as high-cost items for your wedding but are fine if you use them in your home after the special day. The pillows will bring an artistic element to your room.

During the day the blankets could be used as jackets and can also be used during dark movie evening. You can still use the linens for special events. For example, you can use them on weekends or on the anniversary night to remember the lovely moments of your marriage.

Whether you are seeing this right before your wedding day, make sure that you pick throw pillows, blankets, silk linens and other furniture accessories that fit well with simple home decor.

  • Mason Jars

Mason Jars are a significant part of decoration that the colorful world has ever known. You have plenty of options for reusing mason jars that are used in your wedding. Use mason jars for pleasant lighting in every room. Transform mason jars into soap holders. The jar’s glass lamps can be used to decorate walls. You can also use this to design or reuse flowers from your wedding.

Custom designed jars filled with food are the best place for visitors to have a snack on the wedding day or a good way for them to enjoy snacks in the evening. These jars are easy to fit in most bags and are perfect for carrying nuts or fresh fruits to the office or even on the bus. They are gifts that are received frequently, and you can reuse them as spice jars, or as salad containers.

Final Thoughts

You cannot stop the time, but every day you can pause yourself and celebrate your wedding day by adding some of your wedding decorations to your home decor or reuse them for various other purposes. Although it can be difficult to maintain every set after your wedding day, hence the ideas as mentioned earlier are worth consideration to help you repurpose your wedding decor.