What Is Vegan Leather? This Is What You Need to Know


The consumption of animals has put the Earth in a much more vulnerable place. It has put a strain on land, energy, and water sources. 70 billion animals are raised each year to meet human consumption demands.

Reducing our animal consumption plays a role in reducing pollution, climate change, erosion, grain usage, and wasted water. Vegan leather provides a great substitute for the use of actual animals and can help reach our reduction goals.

So, what is vegan leather, and is it a good option?

What Is Vegan Leather?

Vegan leather is a leather-like material that does not use animal skin. It is sometimes referred to as faux leather, leather alternative, artificial leather, or synthetic leather. Real leather is made from just about any animal that you can think of such as pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, snakes, ostrich, kangaroos, and so on.

Vegan leather takes all those animals out of the equation and in the end, leads to a reduction in our animal consumption, endangered species, and protection of our planet. 

What Is Vegan Leather Made Of?

If there is no animal, what is used to make vegan leather? It can be made from a variety of things. Most commonly you’ll find a combination of plastics or plant alternatives in products such as vegan handbags or sustainable shoes.

These materials can be innovative and sustainable. The use of plastics in vegan leather leads to the question if it is making a difference. The use of PVC or PU continues to raise ethical questions.

That’s why plant-based materials are the better options. Some of these include cork, mushroom, coffee, wood, pineapple leaves, apple peels, and other fruits.

Is Vegan Leather Good Quality?

All of that sounds great, right? Now on to the next big question: is vegan leather durable?

It may not be as durable as real leather but almost! As with any product, you’ll need to take care of the item. You can expect the product to last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. However, as the industry grows you can expect to see even further advances in durability.

Overall, vegan leather is a durable option that costs significantly less than the real stuff. Plus, it will make you feel better about it as well.

As far as looks, some vegan leathers can put the real thing to shame. The quality has become so good that no one will notice the difference.

Is Vegan Leather Waterproof?

Always check the brand’s website to make sure but most vegan leathers are waterproof. This is a great addition to the long list of benefits of vegan leathers. 

The Animal-Friendly Option

So, what is vegan leather? It’s an animal-friendly option! Not only an animal-friendly option but it’s also great for the Earth and your pockets. There are tons of brands and designers switching to vegan, so you should too!

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