Pest Proofing & Exclusion: The Best Way To Keep Rodents And Cockroaches Out!

Pest Proofing
Pest Proofing

Rodents and cockroaches live everywhere in every major US city. There are certain places in each city where they are predominant and you wouldn’t want to live. In other areas, you’ll barely notice the pests, until they decide to visit your home.

Seeing the pests in your home is not a pleasant experience and this is compounded by the fact that these pests are known to carry a range of diseases. That’s why you correctly react by calling the exterminators and getting rid of the issue.

However, while this is a good movie, you’ll find it even better to seek professional advice from your local pest control specialist, you can check them out here. They will help you to understand why and how the rodents and cockroaches are getting I and how to prevent them.

Your Home Is Desirable

You don’t need to be told your home is desirable, you live there! The warmth and security it offers is very appealing to you and to pests. Of course, cockroaches and rodents don’t just want warmth, they also need water and food. These are present in your home and the first thing you need to change.

All food stored in your home should be placed inside containers, this helps to preserve the food and makes it less noticeable by the pests as they can’t get to it.

Alongside this, take the time to check your place for leaks. The easiest way to do this is to stop using the water for a couple of hours. Take a meter reading at the beginning and the end of the period, if the reading changes you have a water leak and you need to find it and fix it.

The smallest of leaks can cost you a significant amount of money and it will be very appealing to most pests.


While the above draws these pests to your home, once they are there they need a way in. Pests are generally able to fit through very small gaps. That’s why they often get in unnoticed. However, you can walk around the inside and outside of your property to locate any gaps.

It doesn’t matter how small they are, a gap is a gap. If you find one seal it up to prevent anything from getting in. Pay particular attention to doors and windows.

Alongside this, don’t forget to add brushes to the bottom of your doors, especially external ones. This will prevent the bugs from coming under your doors and it will help to insulate your home, keeping your energy bills down!

Annual Inspections

To make sure you don’t have an issue that has gone undetected you should book an annual inspection from your pest control expert. They will check for any signs of issues and report the issue to you before eliminating them.

Pest control experts are efficient and, most importantly, they’ll provide warranties on their work, giving you peace of mind and pest-free home. For more interesting read visit-