Internet safety for children is very important as it affects both their physical and mental health. It is so important that even Google created a project called Be Incredible on the internet, which aims to help the little ones to make good use of this tool.

In addition, parents can collaborate by educating their children so that they create awareness about what they consume the internet. Therefore, it is important to always talk to them and explain the dangers and benefits that the virtual environment offers.

In this post, we have separated some guidelines that parents can give to children so that they make healthy use of the internet and are always safe. Follow and learn more!

Tips to teach your kids

Given the importance of raising children aware of the use and dangers of the internet, there are some tips that parents can offer their children to ensure safe browsing. Next, see some of them for inspiration!

1.Think before you post

Teaching your child to think before posting is essential for them to understand the relevance of exposure on the internet and how it can often not be beneficial. So, teach them to evaluate if the post is really interesting if it needs to be posted and if it will add something to people’s lives.

2.Avoid phishing scams

Virtual threats are present all the time on the internet, and many of them are easy to identify. In view of this, it is worth talking to your child so that he is suspicious of messages saying that he has gained something, suspicious links, threats, e-mails from an unknown sender, among others.

3.Protect your privacy

Explaining the importance of privacy, since childhood, is a way to make a child appreciate it. Therefore, advise that you never divulge personal information on social networks or other sites, such as phone number, address, among others.

4.Do not talk with strangers

Knowing who your child talks to on the internet is another way to ensure their safety. Teaching him that this is a great environment to socialize with friends, but that one should not trust or talk to strangers is essential for him to know how to protect himself while using the internet.

5.Do not make in-app purchases without parental approval

This is another major concern for parents. To avoid this, it is important to have an open dialogue with the children, explaining the value of money and how it should not be spent without the permission of the mother or father, even if they are purchases on applications or websites.

6.Talk when you are experiencing cyberbullying

The internet is often a place where people use bad faith to spread offensive messages. After all, your identity is not fully exposed, and it is easier to hide. Because of this, some children may experience virtual bullying, known as cyberbullying.

This type of behaviour is scolded by several websites, platforms and social networks. That is why it is important to make announcements whenever unpleasant situations happen so that the guilty profiles are blocked.

Internet safety for children is possible and can always be guaranteed with good dialogue and parental care. In addition, there are tools, such as Be Incredible on the Internet, that teach, in an interactive way, the importance of having a conscious consumption of virtual resources. With that, parents can use internet filters to ensure the safety of their kids. With the internet filters, parents can block unwanted sites for their kids and keep them away from web pages not meant for their age. To apply these internet filters, they can use any advanced app such as FamilyTime. The app offers a lot more than these internet filters only. With the app, parents can also manage their kids’ screen time; they can view their browsing history and can even block unwanted apps. To know more about the app, give it a try for free. You can get the trial version of the app from the app store on your phone or from the buttons given below:

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